491 DELI

825 NE Lakewood Blvd.
Lees Summit, MO 64064
Phone: 816-886-5539

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Welcome to 491 DELI

We are located in Lee's Summit, MO right next to Lakewood off 291 & Lakewood Blvd.  We have breakfast sandwiches, deli sandwiches, philly sandwiches, pizza, pastas, hot dogs, ice cream, salads and much more.  We pride ourselves in having kick ass food with a friendly face.  Come on in and sit in our lounge while you eat and watch one of our flat screen TVs and chill out or......Its a great stop right before or after playing golf at Lakewood Oaks golf club or going out on the Lakewood lake to cruise around on the boat.  

We also have plenty that you can take home to your family like freshly sliced Boars Head meats and cheeses, fresh made pies (about 4-5 to choose from), we have candy in the store, trust me we have everything you need!

Did I mention we CATER too!?

We love to get involved with our community and cater for local schools as well as businesses or birthday parties.  Whatever the occasion is we can get you some great food without the stress of cooking it yourself.  Call and talk to Dave the owner and he will get you set up!  Just give us a couple days of notice because its getting busy FAST!


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by T Hill on 7/12/2012
I agree with the previous posts. My first visit up to the 491 deli we ordered sandwiches for a meeting. One was called the Big Dave... it was very ordinary. Nothing special. It looked like a sandwich I could have made in my kitchen. We also ordered a Rueban sandwich and instead of thousand island dressing he used yellow mustard. It was nasty. I also ordered a gyro. I asked him what kind of gyro meet he used and he said it was special order meet that comes in a block that he gets from a Greek food distributor. He lied!!! It was made from a gyro kit that you can buy at the grocery store. It was not "kick ass" like he described to me. The owner is hard to describe. I would say he is somewhat socially inept. He talks down to his employees. Which are all high school females. He acts like he's doing you a favor when he's making your order. He talks and acts like he's from a big city but you can tell he's not. I took my son there for ice cream. Which was good. But it's hard to mess up a scoop of ice cream from a blue bell bucket. The Owner was still being very rude to his employees in front of the customers. There was an attractive lady there with her teenage daughter sitting near our table and he kept coming over to their table and talking to them about his divorce and crazy ex-wife and all kinds of things that seemed inappropriate. He then like the previous post stated started trying to get the lady's daughter to work for him. He took them through his kitchen and to the back. Shortly after the lady seemed irritated and left swiftly. As they were leaving he followed them out to the door and was yelling to the teenage girl that she has a job there if she wants it. My Sister was there with her kids to get ice cream and she over heard him telling his employees that the only reason these teenage boys come in there is because they are staring at their breasts and that they need to cover them up because it's a distraction. This is believable because he only has one volume and it's obnoxiously LOUD! She also heard him tell the girl to open the cash register and count down the drawer and after she told him the amount out loud he said "we made a shit load!" I have also heard others around the neighborhood share similar stories. It is very frustrating to get a new deli in Lakewood and this be the result. If you like mediocre food that you could make yourself at an inflated rate then this is the place for you! If you like to eat off of Styrofoam plates with plastic silverware that he reuses by the way is then this is the place for you! I have never written a review before and wouldn't take the time to do so but this guy really rubbed me the wrong way. My honest first impression of the 491 deli is that it is the equivalent to a developmentally delayed adult running a lemonade stand.
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by Wendy Minshall on 5/14/2012
I'm addicted to the food- it really is awesome. The rueben is the best I've ever had and the personal pizzas are EXCELLENT! Never tasted such a good crust! I think for the money- it's great. It's a little unorganized for now, but I'm really hoping that it's just because the place is new and there are some kinks to work out. Overall- I REALLY hope it does well- it's nice to have something so close that is so good and reasonable. Oh- the bakery items are AMAZING!!! Best of luck to 491 Deli!
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by Kelsey LS on 4/25/2012
This place is wonderful! The food is fresh, tastes amazing, and is exactly what this area needs. Dave is friendly and helpful and makes truly great food.
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