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A-1 Mechanical has been serving the Columbia MO. and surrounding communities for the past 5 years.  Brian and his crew offer over 25 years experience in the Heating & Air business.  Not only do we install and service Residential & Commercial Heating & Air systems but we service All Brands....

Good Reasonable Work and Quick Service!!

Other Services Offered:
Change Outs- on old inefficient heating & air units
* Heat Pumps and Hybrid Systems (Dual Fuel)
* Ground Source heat pumps---IGSHPA accredited installer
* Storage & Tankless Water Heaters Installation & Repair/Solar

* Duct Work-repair/Remediation/Zoning
* Boiler Repair/Replacement---hydronics and radiant systems 
Rental Compliance Inspections

Owned by US Army vet   (Go, Airborne!)       and MU grad (Go, Tigers!)



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by April Nida-Brashier on 7/8/2013
Your abusive to elderly women and you don't finish jobs that you have started!! I will be reporting you to every agency I can in the next couple of days!! You are lucky that I was out of town this past weekend when you treated my elderly mother the way you did!!She had just returned home from surgery for the second time in two weeks when you were rude to her and refused to finish what you started!! I suggest to everyone that they really review you before hiring you to do anything in there home!!
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by Joan L on 3/25/2013
We have been having trouble with our furnace all winter and finally called A-1. They came right over and explained all the things they did and how I could better maintain the furnace. They explained all the work they did. The bill was very reasonable. I was very pleased with the service and have already recommended them to a friend!
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by Mallory Stubbs on 2/1/2013 (last edited on 2/1/2013)
This is the HVAC service used by my landlord, and as a result their work cost me nothing. They responded to an initial call on a Sunday about our furnace not working, which was an easy fix, and then made arrangements to come back at a later date to clean and service the unit more thoroughly. During their first visit back to our unit, they used a shop-vac to clean soot out of the furnace without a filter in it (covering every service of the apartment in soot, and we are still cleaning it off of things over a week later). An accident, I'm sure, but infuriating none the less. They returned a few days later to again attempt to fix the furnace. After working for a couple of hours, they left for lunch, and to pick up a part. They did not return for four days or make an any effort to contact us to make arrangements for another return. When they finally came back, the furnace was returned to a functioning condition until 12" balls of fire came shooting out of it later that same night. They returned AGAIN the next morning, and I came home to find a working furnace and that one of the men had been smoking inside of the apartment (He was kind enough to leave all of the ashes in the sink). To say that I am dissatisfied with their service is a gross understatement. I would, however, like to add to this review that Brian responded to two calls on Sundays very promptly. The initial call was when the furnace was not working and a second time when the pilot on our water heater kept going out after I attempted several times to light it. I feel that these occurrences are slightly redeeming. I do hope that our bad experience was just the result of a few unfortunate situations.
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by Don Bolin on 4/15/2012
Mr. Brian Topping of A-1C. was referred to me by a fellow worker about 18 months ago when my house air conditioner quit working. I had called the company that had taken care of our home heating and air conditioning systems for years. All I heard from them was "unit needed to be replaced." When telling my co-worker my dissatisfaction, he referred me to Brian. Brian made room for me in his schedule the same day. He drove over 50 miles to my hometown; looked at the units, told me what it needed, fixed the problem and saved me thousands of dollars. I have had Brian service our heating and air conditioning system twice more since I met him. Same results: Same day service: Proper diagnosis of the problem, repair fixed the problem and charged me a proper amount. My family highly recommends A-1 Mechnical and Brians' expertise.
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by catherine wilson on 4/15/2012
He put a new furnace and zoning system in our house and I promptly retreated upstairs to cool off -- worked great! Have recommended to my friends, always very reliable!
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