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1208 Cosmos Place
Columbia, MO 65202
Phone: (573) 442-7312

About Us

We are THE local heating and cooling company who has been in business for over 35 years! We install systems in new construction, existing homes and some light commercial.  We also offer A FULL LINE OF SERVICE on residential and light commercial. We install furnaces, air conditioners and/or heat pump units, as well as a ground source heating/cooling units, water heaters, steam humidifiers and electronic air cleaners. YORK is our brand of choice for furnaces, A/C and heat pumps and CARRIER is our choice for ground source systems. Both have excellent warranties and have excellent reputations in the business.

We are one of the few approved Energy Star Contractors on the City of Columbia website. Check out their benefits at And, we are known around the area as "the sheet metal specialists."  We believe in doing the job right from start to finish, including parts of the job you can't see - like the ductwork. We encourage you to check out our website for pictures and information about our ductwork. We have gained many customers who have had problems with areas of their home getting too cold or too hot, even with new systems another company has installed. We have gone in and "rearranged", reinstalled, remade, and/or rerouted ductwork to adjust the flow and now have customers for life. It really makes a difference whether you use flimsy ductboard, or handmade ductwork made of 24 or 26 gauge metal.

If it's service you need, we work on ALL brands of equipment. We have two of the best service technicians in the area. Our owner, Jim Gerhardt, is a licensed technician and still runs service along with our licensed technican, Dave Wallen. Both are professional, courteous and have a combined experience of over 50 years! They are quick at diagnosing and fixing your problem, yet they make sure the job is done right. We get a lot of compliments on both guys. So next time your A/C doesn't work or your furnace quits in the cold of winter, or you just want to get your system cleaned, checked and serviced before the season starts, give us a call. We'll be happy to take care of your service needs.


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by Our Family on 3/19/2013
Recently had this company install a new hvac system through the Columbia Mo city program. We got a Low interest loan, energy audit and a 2 stage Dual Fuel system. Our monthly bills are now less, the comfort in our home is double what it was. These Men Left our home cleaner than when they arrived. From the original service man to the 3 installers who installed it we were Extremely Impressed. We Checked with the city and with the Manufacturer and found out they were a CCE Dealer "certified ComfortExpert. Very Impressed Thank You Guys.
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by Paul Conners on 2/29/2012
The Worst! Can I give zero stars? Do yourself a favor, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! Call the BBB they will tell you the truth. Any one who left a positive review here was either very lucky, ignorant, or fraudulent. . He talks a good talk, but the follow through is more than lacking. Left a mess, holes in the wall, ruined carpet, did not know their product, poor installation, and when we had a complaint, he became rude. They could not have done a worse job! Get this, they wanted to install the new thermostat right next to my wall oven because they did not have the knowledge of how, or own a tool to fish a wire though a wall to a correct location. I'm not kidding Right Next To My Oven. I should have sent them on their way right then. Geniusses. I wish I was making this up. BTW! They DID NOT wear SHOE COVERS at my house. As I said, they don't know what they're doing and over charge for that.. Disappointed!
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by Bill v on 11/25/2011
Service man was very experienced and Professional and had our heat pump up and running in no time. He explained everything he was doing and BEST of all fixed it for the price of a service Call. Thanks Accurate.
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