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My name is Jason Eaves, and I am the owner of Ace Builders in Columbia, MO.  I have earned my reputation over 30 years as being a hands on builder, In every step of home & commercial building and remodling. I build each and every home as if I was building it for my own familly,keeping homeowners and building contractors always informed of the details of the building process. Thank you for taking the time to contact me for any and all of your building or remodeling needs.  We pride ourselves on being able to offer all services from A-Z througthout the commericial & home building process.

Services Offered:
*  Home Builder
*  Commercial Builder
*  Home Remodeling & Addition Services
*  Concrete Construction Services
*  Bathroom Remodeling
*  Kitchen Remodeling 
*  Basement Remodeling
*  Siding
*  Gutters
*  Roofing
*  Window Replacement
*  Electrical 

*  Deck & Screened Porch Building Services

You can call on my cell 573-999-9503 and I would be happy to give you a bid at any time.

Jason Eaves


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by Daniel Ellebracht on 11/23/2013
Jason is currently working on a house for a friend of mine. I don't live in the area so I can't help as much as I would like, but having been around the construction industry my entire life I have to say that I am disappointed. When we were out there it looked like a disaster. there was lumber all over the yard, and trash of all sorts everywhere. He and his crew show up when they want, and work for as long as they want (i.e. 1 hour here, 8 hours there). Fails to show up when he says, and as of this writing has 4 days left to finish up on what will be the SECOND deadline he agreed to. Make sure you get a time table in writting, and keep hounding him to stick with it.
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by Stephanie Shafer on 11/29/2010
Jason and his crew have done several jobs for us over the years, and I can say without question he is a fantastic contractor. He always did what he said he would do, and he even managed to finish within the time-frame given. I never had to worry about my house, or my belongings when Jason or his crew were their...even if I wasn't. I highly recommend Jason to anyone who needs a professional job done at a reasonable price with integrity. Thanks Jason!
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