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Columbia, MO 65202
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About Us

Ace My House

At Ace Roofing, our number one priority is our commitment to excellence, both in our client interactions and the quality of our work. Our consultants are all trained professionals who will come to your Columbia or Mid-Missouri area home or business, assess the condition of your roof and provide a free estimate with no obligation.
We pride ourselves on keeping an outstanding reputation, and each member of our crew aligns him- or herself with these standards of excellence. In fact, we have the same crew members working with us today as when the business launched in 2003.
If your home or property has been damaged from the recent storms that hit the mid-Missouri area and you need to file an insurance claim, we will meet with your adjuster as your advocate to determine the scope of your loss. Throughout the process of the claim, we will be available to educate and guide you, as well as to offer suggestions regarding the materials used on your project.

Roofing Services
No matter how small or large your residential roofing issue is, we guarantee we’ve seen it before. Whether you need your roof inspected, repaired or replaced, we’re here to work with you to determine the right course of action and a quality solution. To give you additional peace of mind we also provide a five-year workmanship warranty on all services.

By channeling rain away from a building’s base, gutters provide needed protection from the damaging effects of water. They also assist in erosion and leak prevention. However, these important tools are often installed and immediately forgotten.

Just like your roof, gutters need to be maintained and repaired on a regular basis. (Otherwise, damaged or clogged gutters and cause expensive overflow damage to your home’s roof, siding, basement or even interior.) Gutters can also be upgraded, if you desire, and there are a wide variety of both aesthetic and functional options available. In particular, seamless gutters are a great way to preserve flowerbeds, reduce leaks and maintain your home’s aesthetics. Ace offers a variety of different types and styles of gutters to fit the décor as well as the location of your gutters.


While the key function of siding is to protect your house from the damaging effects of weather and water, siding can also really change or add to the aesthetics of your home. We know it’s important for you to get the exact look you want, whether it’s natural, contemporary or something else entirely. Our variety of siding options will allow you to find the perfect match for your individual taste and style.

Other Services
We also offer several other exterior services to our Columbia, MO area friends including:
  • Windows
  • Insulation
  • Shingle Repair
  • Decks & Deck Repair
  • Painting
  • Exterior Remodeling 


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