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We are a principle based chiropractic practice. We help people achieve optimal health from the inside out, without drugs or surgery. We believe that the power that made the body, heals the body. Dr. Arminta uses gentle specific scientific chiropractic adjustments to remove interference from your nervous sytem, allowing you to function at your optimal level.

Dr. Arminta Phelps opened Achieve Balance Chiropractic in July of 2008. She is a Palmer College of Chiropractic graduate. She had extensive training in child adjusting and in a variety of techniques- including Gonstead, Thompson, Diversified, HIO, Toggle and Activator.

We are a family practice that takes care of patients from birth (yes, birth) to the age of great grandpartents. Dr. Arminta has a heart for educating her practice members about chiropractic, by holding bi-weekly classes (Monday’s 6:30pm & Thursday’s 1pm). Knowledge is power. Come gain some knowledge so that you can have power over your health. Remember that you were designed to be healthy, so often times our society believes it is normal to be sick, well it is not. You were magnificently and wonderfully created, and that means healthy!! Not just feeling healty, but actually being healty. Health is not about how you feel, it is about how you function and adapt to your environment. Come let us do a complimentary evaluation that will let you know how you are functioning.

We accept insurance, have a cash discount program, and have intrest free financing. Your health is your most valuable investment, invest in your and your family's health today!! Call 573-442-5520.


My wife and I would like to take the time to thank you for all your excellent care. Your efforts in Chiropractic health have improved our overall wellness and resulted in a great life changing result. I have suffered for many years from an old injury of a broken back. Now that we are retired and trying to enjoy the fruits of our labors, the constant back pain prohibited me from doing the things that I had always dreamed of doing upon retirement. The pain kept me from enjoying fishing which I dearly love. The pain also would not let me rest at night as just turning over in bed was hurtful. The mornings were also dreaded as it would take me several hours to get the movement back to a lower level of pain. With your help I can now fish and stand long periods of time without pain, sleep is now undisturbed and mornings are pain free! What a great improvement that you have made possible for me….Thank You So Much! My wife has many neck issues and now that you are treating her, she is resting better. Her allergies seem to be less impacting to here overall health. She has noted lower flair up from her Arthritis due to your methods. Thank You again from both of us. We both have greatly benefited from your treatment.
-Yours, Steve & Julie

Dr. Arminta,
Just wanted to state in writing how good I am feeling. The last two weeks I have mowed the yard and had the house open with the attic fan running. As I told you, I hadn’t been able to find anyone in Columbia that could treat my allergies by adjustments. You, with God’s help, have and continue to do wonders. Thank you so much!
-Julie Rowden

I’m celebrating being free of pain while walking for the first time since I broke my back three years ago. I was out with friends last night walking all over downtown Columbia. I drove home with tears of joy in my eyes. Praise God. Thank you, Arminta Phelps, D.C. I was nearly an invalid when I started working with her in May. I could only get about with maximal doses of Aleve and Tylenol. FYI, Gwen is Arminta’s mother and runs her office.
- Michael Headrick

I met Dr. Arminta through a free screening at Pro Fitness where I am a member. I decided to give Chiropractic one more try. I cant tell you how grateful I am for her services. After six weeks, my neck, back, and hips are freed up and I have no more pain. The T 10 fracture obviously cant be treated (after almost 50 years its fused naturally) but it causes no problem. I had sciatica and she helped me eliminate that problem too. What a blessing she and Gwen have been to me. I still have a couple of areas needing tweaking and will continue with her services were not quite done yet. The important thing here is that I have evolved from a skeptic to a true believer in the benefits and treatments of Chiropractic.
-Margaret Irvin

I have had chronic neck pain ever since a car accident in which I was thrown through the windshield. Ive had to take medicine for pain and medicine to sleep at night for years. In the short time Ive been coming to Achieve Balance my pain has become much more manageable. I am no longer having pain and numbness in my arms, especially at night. Im also no longer having to take pain medication or medication just to go to sleep at night. Thank you, God, for Dr. Arminta and Achieve Balance Chiropractic.
-Shannon M

Four years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I was fatigued and stumbling frequently. The neurologist wanted to start me on injections of interferon. No one could tell me what it was or how it was suppose to work. I asked a pharmacist for an information sheet on the $1600.00 / month drug. I took it home & read it. The study involved less than 100 people and the results werent impressive either. I had a friend who had tried the drugs and the side effects were worse than the disease symptoms. She said she was doing better without the RX. My sister was working for a chiropractor and suggested I look into it. Now with regular chiropractic care my energy level is back to normal. My most recent MRI showed no progression of the disease. I am not afraid any longer. Thank you Dr. Arminta.Thank you GOD!!!
-Grateful Practice Member


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by Sonia Isle on 7/26/2013
Dr Phelps has done an amazing job with my back and hips. Last summer, I carried my 10 year old daughter after she was hurt on a Sunday. Lets just say, I couldn't stand up straight after that! Dr Phelps was amazing and had me in first thing Monday morning and two more days that week. Now, I just see her monthly to make sure everything stays aligned from sitting at my desk all day, you know that tense upper back pain from slouching. Dr Phelps is so positive and energetic, she makes you want to spend time there and look forward to going! The best part is, it takes longer to get there from my job than it takes the entire time in the office! They are fast, efficient and everyone knows your name.
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by Elizabeth Wiles on 8/18/2011
Looking for a chiropractor? Maybe you have back or neck pain. Or maybe you would be interested to know that Chiropractic Care is so much more than that, it about keeping your whole body healthy and functioning, because your spine is your body's life line. I came to Dr. Arminta Phelps because my lower back hurt so badly I literally could barely walk. I could not sit up, I had to hunker down in the floor boards to be driven to her office. God forbid you ever have pain like that! Anyway, after one adjustment, I felt a little better but of course with the level of pain I was experiencing I was not healed immediately. But the next day I had another adjustment (and I was able to drive myself to her office) and after that WOW I could actually sit up. I think after 2 more adjustments and within a week I was all better. Now I keep coming back as often as I can, even though my back is all better, because I know that my spine is my lifeline for my whole body to stay healthy and heal itself. When it gets to the point that you are experiencing pain in your back/neck, it has actually gone so far that it is also compromising the nerves that connect your organs to your brain- not good! I also take my 12 month old son and 3 1/2 year old daughter to Dr. Arminta and they love her. It is not hard to see why- she exudes joy and gratitude for life and it is contagious. You will leave her office in a better mood I guarantee because she has a beautiful spirit and a zest for life that is impossible not to share. She is a true healer in that she is a medium of God's power, a conduit for His Divine Grace. Go see Dr. Phelps, you will be thankful, you will be blessed!
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