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I am a junior at the University of Missouri seeking a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in marketing.

Need a BABYSITTER/NANNY? I have babysat for the past seven years for multiple families with varying ages from newborn to middle school. I am energetic, responsible, and love children. Prices range from $10-$15 an hour, depending on number of children, ages, etc. With this, I would also make for a great HOUSE SITTER if you are going out of town whether it be for a weekend or for weeks. I have house sat for mutiple families over the past few years.

Need a PERSONAL SHOPPER? I have a great sense of style and am considered to be fashion-forward. I am able to understand everyone’s different style and comfort, and therefore I am able to shop to find one’s best match, whether that be for a formal event, something casual, or a new pair of shoes. Prices can be negotiated.

Not enough time in the day to run all of those ERRANDS? Understandable. Why not reduce your work load and ask me to do it for you! I am a reliable student and a good saver who always looks for the lowest prices! Again, prices can be negotiated.

AVAILABILITY: Able to discuss when contacted.


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