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Our practice is open to Help people become their Very Best. We work with children, families and individuals to assist in resolving everything from past traumatic events, or current crisis/stressors to excellence in a new area of your life, and the gamut in between all within our field of practice. Email or Call or noodle today to explore your possibilities.

I am able to utilize current technology using Skype to help those in need with minimal intrusion into their already busy lives. Ask how.

“I don’t get to choose how I am raised or the experiences I have in life. I DO get to choose how I will GROW from them.”
Michael J Luley, M.Ed., LPC, QSAP, EMDR II



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by diane brown on 8/4/2011
We have been working with Mike for going on 4 years.He has tought us how to work as a family and how to manage my daughters Bi polar disorder.When Mike came to us it wasnt an easy time for any of us.He doesnt just work with my daughter he works with all of us.He can be tough at times but it is only because he really cares and wants what is best for us all.if you are looking for a real person who cares and wants to truely help you and your family Mike is your man.
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