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Bandré Hunt & Snider LLC


Attorneys (General)
Bandré Hunt & Snider is a law firm located in Jefferson City, MO. For over 14 years our attorneys have been providing top of the line legal representation to central Missouri. Our firm has been able to grow and form an outstanding reputation by providing one-on-one attention to every one of our clients.  We offer a fresh look at your legal issues and years of experience in front of the mid-Missouri judges and commissions.
Our attorneys actively practice across the state of Missouri, including the counties of Cole, Boone, Callaway, Moniteau, Miller, Morgan, Camden and many others. Your legal issue is important to us therefore, we always provide the best legal services in the area.

Our areas of specialty:
  • Civil litigation
  • Criminal law
  • DWI and traffic law
  • Divorce and family law
  • Personal injury
  • Real estate
  • Estate planning
  • Workers compensation
  • Corporate
  • Business issues
  • Document preparation
DWI & Traffic Attorneys
We have successfully represented hundreds of individuals in cases involving DWI or DUIs (and even BWI, which is boating while intoxicated). We have argued many cases so successfully that the prosecution or the judge has seen fit to dismiss the charges all together. We are almost always able to successfully represent our clients by helping them assert their civil rights through a suppression hearing or a trial or by helping them admit their wrongs in a manner that helps them obtain the best result possible in the situation based on the individual facts of their case.

Divorce & Family Attorneys
We here at Bandré Hunt & Snider, LLC take pride in maintaining an upstanding reputation in the community with the courts and our colleagues. Our attorneys are up to date on the law and work to achieve the best results for our clients given the specific facts of each case. We care about our clients’ best interests and aim to provide the best representation in all matters. Each attorney in our office has a substantial case load which is mostly comprised of return business and referrals from previous clients, which is a good indication that we have been successful with clients in the community. It is difficult to determine whether a client is successful in a family law case because we are usually dealing with the custody of children. We believe that most of our cases end successfully based on the specific facts of each case. This area of law is not as cut and dry as other areas, due to the discretion given to judges in making decisions on property, custody, and child support.

Personal Injury Attorneys
We have extensive experience handling a wide variety of personal injury cases from wrongful death to worker’s compensation and everything in between. We care about our clients and we truly want them to walk away from their experience with us feeling as though they have been made whole from the tragedy they have suffered. We have obtained a wide variety of successful results for our clients in personal injury cases. Oftentimes this successful representation means obtaining the maximum coverage of an auto insurance policy for our clients, but it can also mean getting coverage for injuries under an underinsured insurance policy or a homeowner’s insurance policy to ensure prompt payment of compensation for our clients. If there is not insurance coverage available we will take the time to meet with our clients and explore all options so that they know their needs are being addressed and that their time and resources are being focused in a manner that will ultimately be beneficial for them.

Real Estate Attorneys
Our experience and knowledge make it so that it is rare that a “new” problem comes before us. We have guided previous clients through countless problems and pitfalls, and can promptly and succinctly provide you with knowledge and advice with respect to your real estate issues. Experience counts when it comes to your legal needs. We represent realtors and brokers, and also those who utilize those real estate professionals. This makes us uniquely qualified to know all of the angles and gamesmanship that come into play when real estate is involved. We have been involved in the approval of subdivision plats, the sale of entire subdivisions, actions against builders for poor workmanship, and numerous cases where insurers have failed to pay for claims from fire and flooding. Our knowledge and experience with insurance contracts allows us to often find coverage for real estate owners who have been sued or challenged when others would request cash for their services. Our attorneys have appeared before Planning and Zoning Boards, dealt with utility provider issues, challenged governmental taking of land, and many disputes between neighboring property owners over land usage and border disputes.

Wills & Estates Attorneys
Our attorneys have counseled thousands of clients on issues pertaining to wills, trusts, powers of attorney, living wills, and non-probate transfers. Most of those clients have been referrals from other satisfied clients of the firm. We value our return clients and referrals, and strive for every client to be fully satisfied with their experience with a lawyer. We want as much of your estate to go to your heirs, and as little as possible to make its way to the courts, the government, and lawyers after death. Our lawyers have experience from the basic will up to complex trusts designed to take advantage of tax exemptions and loopholes. We take a comprehensive view of the situation, as estate planning is not something that is the same from person to person. What your parents or neighbors did for estate planning is often not what will best serve you. It is not uncommon for our lawyers to talk a potential client out of having an expensive trust drawn up, as the client will not realize a benefit from that particular estate planning tool. If you have not seen a lawyer about your estate, you should. Whether you choose Bandré Hunt & Snider, LLC or another law firm, estate planning is an area that you should have addressed. It is a surprisingly inexpensive investment, which if done properly, can bring huge dividends, along with peace of mind.
We look forward to meeting with you and discussing your legal needs.

Call us today at 573-635-2424 for a free consultation. 


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