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After dreaming of owning their own lawn care business for years, owners Will and Sarah opened Boulder Creek in 2005 to bring care, passion, and experience to the landscaping business. Together with Sarah’s educational background and Will’s technical skills, they were able to provide quality lawn and landscaping services to the Jefferson City, MO area. Today they continue their quality service with one goal in mind: to enhance the beauty and value of their customer’s homes and properties.
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Landscaping & Lawn Care Services
Every landscape is unique and so is every homeowner. Boulder Creek Lawn and Landscape Maintenance specializes in creating maintenance plans that are well suited to our customers’ needs and budgets. Options are endless but may include weekly, bi-weekly or monthly maintenance checks with options for any of the following: weed removal, fertilizing, pruning, edging and mulching, annual color plantings or custom container design. We are passionate about making your outdoor living area a special place to come home to—and the envy of all your neighbors!
Mulch Products & Mulching Services
After winter has come and gone, it is time for spring cleaning and fresh mulch. New mulch does several things for your landscape beds. Besides making your beds look fresh and clean, mulch also provides a layer of weed protection along with a slow release fertilizer for yearlong benefits. As mulch decomposes, it attracts more insects and worms to create the perfect environment for plants to thrive. We offer many colors to choose from so that your landscaping can look like new again!
Retaining Wall Construction
Heavy retaining walls can be hard to build and cumbersome to fill with plants. We create beautiful custom retaining walls for every season on-site, and we can also pickup and deliver the walls for you. We can create retaining walls based on your requests or come up with a new design made with the purpose and your personality. Unique plant material will soften your living space and reflect your personal sense of style.
Flower, Shrub & Tree Planting Services
With so many different varieties of plant materials to choose from, it can be hard to decide on what you need and what you want. Some plants require full shade, partial shade, full sun, lots of water, or drier soil conditions. With so many different variables involved, it can be hard to know what’s best for your lawn. That’s where the experts from Boulder Creek Lawn and Landscape can help. Our in-house expert Sarah has a vast knowledge of plant material, and she typically helps our customers make educated decisions based on carefully assessed needs.
Sod & Seeding Services
We have a wide range of customers, from large commercial accounts to small residential yards. We provide all our customers with the highest quality service, no matter the project. All of our equipment is serviced and maintained regularly to ensure that everything is in premium condition to keep your property looking its best.
Outdoor Living Construction
We experience all four seasons to the fullest in Jefferson City, and when good weather comes around in spring, you should be able to enjoy it outdoors! Boulder Creek can create the outdoor space of your dreams with an outdoor kitchen, bar, firepit or pergola. Create the perfect area to unwind with family or entertain friends, right in your backyard. 
Snow Removal Services
Simply stated, there is nothing convenient about a snowstorm. Staying in business is tough enough without having to worry about customers being able to get to your storefront, getting products shipped on time, maintaining employee and customer safety, or getting out of your driveway to take the kids to school and get to work without being late. Boulder Creek Lawn and Landscape will battle the elements so you don’t have to. 

“We look forward to working with you on your next outdoor project!”

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by Will Spurgeon on 1/2/2011
Our landscaping and yard had suffered from years of neglect, we just couldn't keep it up. Sarah and Will were able to give us back the yard we once had. Thanks for your good work. Best help we have ever had. The Halls
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