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by Tona Thornburg Court on 5/25/2012
Before I changed to Changes, I did some research. Since I was new in town, I asked some of my Facebook friends in Moberly who they would recommend. Several people told me to call Heather at Changes on North Williams Street. Now, after being her client for nearly 2 years, she's become more than a good stylist -- she's become a good friend! I've never been unhappy with any of her services -- haircuts; perms; frosts; and color -- I can vouch for all of them! She's also very knowledgeable about hair products -- I really like the Aquage shampoo and conditioner that she sells at her shop. Call Heather or Crystal at 660-263-0155, and make some positive "changes" in the way you look and the way you feel.
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by Laura Mosness on 6/26/2012
I've been going to Heather for years .. at least 10. I had worked at a salon (assistant, not stylist) when I was a teenager & had my hair done there & quite pleased but it was a family business & they moved. For years after that I hopped all over town between people trying to find a match (not too soft, not too hard, but just right - ya know what I mean???). I happened upon Heather when she was managing the salon in our local Wal-Mart (that's how desperate I was - I was just walking into any old person I could find at that point). I knew her already b/c she's the sister of a former friend of mine that had moved away & since moved back so I figured she, at the very least, wouldn't shave me bald. Now YEARS later the relationship has lasted! She's guided me through product choices, perms, color, hair donation, waxing, and MANY hair cuts flawlessly. I often get those "wow, I love your hair, who does it?" comments & it's completely thanks to Heather! If there was a way to post before & after pics, I would proudly do so.
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by Megan Hunt on 5/31/2012
The first time I went to Changes I absolutely loved the finished product of my hair! I got highlights done by crystal and my hair looked wonderful. I have been getting my hair done by crystal for a little over a year. I followed her to moberly when she made the move! I love the hair color product she used on my hair. It did not make my hair dry or heavy it felt like I had just washed my hair on a regular day. The shampoo and conditioner they use at changes is wonderful too. If you are in the area I would recommend stopping in and having your hair done! I got a full service the last time I was in a cut, color, and wax. If you stop in you can ask crystal to see a picture of my finished product! It will be the BEST CHANGE you ever make so do it now! :)
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