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Jefferson City, MO 65101
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Christina R. Neff Attorney At Law

40 Years Experience


Hello!  I am Christina R. Neff.  I have practiced law in Cole County, Missouri for over forty years, devoting most of that time to private practice in Jefferson City, Missouri.  I am also know as (Tina) to most of my clients and friends. 
The practice of law can be a most enjoyable and challenging  profession.  I consider it to be a privilege to assist, advise and represent clients. Some of my current clients are grandchildren who have been referred to me from their grandparents who I represented on a matter years ago.  What a Compliment! Some of my current clients have been referred by relatives or friends.
This site is intended to be helpful to you.  It however does not replace a telephone call to my office to learn more about me, the office, and the procedures in my office.  Please take the time to call to find out more, at 573-635-7379. I will quote you a fee for the work to be performed based on time and complexity, so that you can make realistic decision.
I am a realist and give legal advice based on what you and your family will likely confront in a court under the laws that apply to your particular matter. All legal matters are different.  The outcomes can vary greatly depending on what is at stake and what laws apply. I will represent you aggressively when needed, and compassionately at all times.    
I am a litigator, a legal counselor, a Mediator, and an advocate.  I also practice Collaborative Law.  
My practice is mainly in Cole County, although I do travel on a selective basis to Moniteau, Callaway, and Osage Counties.
I restrict my practice to the areas of law I most enjoy.  I will be happy to refer you to an attorney who will handle other matters in the same efficient manner I do.
The areas of law I practice in are interrelated in many ways:
*   Estate Planning
*   Estate Administration
*   Probate
Your matter will be very carefully discussed and managed with you involved in all decisions.
The costs for legal matters vary due to the simplicity or complexity of each case. Call me to discuss your possible costs.  â€‹CHRISTINA R. NEFF at 573-635-7379.
You may pay by Cash, VISA, Mastercard and Discover.

Christina R. Neff
(573) 635-7379



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