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Classic Whips in Columbia, MO specializes in auto customization services.  We offer all types of services from custom paint jobs, custom auto upholstery, auto body services, wheels, tires, and paintless dent repair services. Our estimates are fast and free and we work with most major insurance companies so you can get the maximum amount to repair your vehicle.
Custom Paint Finishing
Classic Whips offers high-quality custom car paint services in Central Missouri. When you’re looking for a slick, classic paint job, you can trust our professional staff to paint your car with care and skill. We understand the importance of a quality paint job and repairs. We use only the best car paints and products to ensure your car has the ultimate quality.
 You can trust our professional team with your car’s new look. All of our Columbia car painters are skilled technicians and talented artists who take pride in delivering quality results. 
Auto Painting
At Classic Whips we use nothing but the best products and paints to give your car amazing color and shine. We can paint with single-stage finishes, two-stage finishes or tri-coat finishes with our in-house SATA paint guns, down draft paint booth and computerized mixing room. We wet sand and buff all final projects to provide a high-quality glassy look. From cars and trucks, to boats, jet skis and motorcycles, we’ve got all vehicle makes, models and sizes covered.
Auto Upholstery
If you’re looking for the best automotive interior and upholstery shop around, Classic Whips is the place to go. Our technicians have many years of experience and perform only top-quality work. We can make custom interior pieces or order factory made pieces for your vehicle.
At Classic Whips we make custom seat covers and door panels in any color or material. Our workers can install factory-made headliners, carpet, dash covers, vinyl tops, and convertible tops. We work on all makes, models and sizes of cars, trucks, boats, jet skis, and motorcycles.
Auto Body Repair
If you hear or feel a rattle or your vehicle isn’t running right, our team can quickly figure out the problem. We provide a wide range of repairs for all makes and models of cars and trucks — from older vehicles to newer ones. Whether you need door skins, quarter panels, hoods, trunks, floor panels or trunk panels: here at Classic Whips we will help you fix any wrecked or rusted area. 
We specialize in a variety of Auto Repair Services including;
·       Brake Service
·       General Auto Repairs
·       Tune-ups
·       Minor Engine Repairs and Service
·       Oil and Lube Service
·       Transmission Service
·       Shock Repair
·       Paint Repair
·       Plastic and Fiberglass Repair
Our full-service collision center also features the latest in paint technology. We can repair and repaint almost any vehicle, whether the damage is major or minor. Our goal is to save you money by repairing most damaged areas instead of replacing them.
From cars and trucks to boats, jet skis and motorcycles, we’ve got you covered. Our specialists have the necessary experience and skills to help you fix your car before the damage leads to bigger problems.
Auto Customization
Tired of never being noticed? Let Classic Whips bring life to your vehicle with a new set of rims and tires, a fresh coat of paint, or any number of custom or factory made extended control arms, lengthened shocks, coil spring cups, and more. We have a huge selection to chose from — whether you want your rims or tires new or used, large or small, or painted or chrome, we’ve got you covered.
The professional team at Classic Whips can also raise your car to your desired height, and we ensure you’ll have a smooth ride when we’re finished. We work on all makes and models of cars and trucks.
Paintless Dent Removal
While most other companies use paint and fillers to fill the dent in your car, here at Classic Whips we use paintless dent removal; which leaves your car good as new with no covered up dents. Our long-term paintless dent removal solution is ideal to maintain your car at factory condition and keep it on the road for years to come.
At Classic Whips, our technicians can repair any dent, no matter the size. We have the proven expertise to make your vehicle look as if it was never damaged. Our goal is to save you money; so we repair most damaged areas instead of replacing them. We can also repair or replace door skins, quarter panels, hoods, trunks, floor panels and trunk panels.

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