Columbia Strength & Conditioning

501 Fay Street Suite 101
Columbia 65202
Phone: 573-473-2674

About Us

We are a one-on-one fitness facility and the home of
Better Nutrition. We are here to educate, motivate, and
produce results. Our staff of professional personal trainers have been helping people in Columbia, MO and around mid-Missouri for several years.

Reaching your fitness goals is going to take dedication,
but if you embrace the process, you will have an enjoyable,
energizing, and rewarding experience. We are not here
just to give you a good workout. We are results driven.
We handle the training, the nutrition, and everything in
between. You need only provide your passion for change
and trust in our capabilities.

We will show you how to achieve your goals, be they
fat loss, muscle gain, improved performance, or overall
fitness. We address every facet of the process to get
you to your goals. We want nothing left to chance to
hinder you from achieving your dream.

Make the time to train with us.


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