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CoMo Exteriors is the Columbia MO trusted Roofing and Siding Company. Call us for Residential and Commercial Roofing, Metal Roofing, Siding, Windows, and More!

We are a locally-owned Contractor and BBB A+ Roofer in Columbia MO. We Install various types of Roofing, Siding, and Window.

CoMo Premium Exteriors 

If you’re looking for a Roofing Contractor in Columbia MO,  CoMo Exteriors is here to help! We will work with you to make sure your home or business is safe and secure with a great new roof over your head. With free estimates and emergency service, we work with you to make sure the job is done when you need it. And with our experience, we have the skills and knowledge to do the job right. We will get to work on your roof at a cost you’ll feel great about.
Our services include Residential Roofing (Shingles, Metal and Flat), Commercial Roofing, Siding, Windows installation, and More! To learn more check out the descriptions below!
Deck Builders
CoMo Premium Exteriors can transform your yard with any deck or a screened in porch you dream up. With a wide variety of material options, you can easily make anything from an exotic to a sustainable porch. Our professionals have years of experience bringing our customer’s deck and porch dreams to life. We will make sure your deck perfectly compliments your home. With electronic hookups like an outdoors kitchen, speakers, fans and more; we’ve got your dream deck, porch or 3 seasons room covered.
Gutter Contractors
Here at CoMo Premium Exteriors we know the value of well-installed gutters. That’s why we cut your cutters to fit the exact dimensions of your home. Our service is fast, professional, and easy and will last for years to come. Gutters are essential to protect your home or business and its foundation from water damage, mold, and insects.
Our gutter contractors will help you to decide what gutter style is functionally and aesthetically ideal for your home or business.  Then, we will install your gutters seamlessly so that leaves and other debris do not block them.
Commercial Roofing
Here at CoMo Premium Exteriors we are skilled in difficult, low-slope commercial roofing. We have built many commercial roofs before, and we understand how to prevent leaking and seeping roof problems before they start. Low-slope roofing often collects water, and our experts know the best techniques to stop pooling water in its tracks and save your business time and money on repairs.
Siding Contractors
The type of siding that you choose for your home or business has a huge effect. There are many types of siding, some more durable than others. Siding also has a huge effect on your building’s aesthetic appearance.
Our siding contractors are experienced and great at what they do. They will help you every step of the way; from determining the right siding material to setting an installation time that works for you.
Windows are a very important part of your home. Not only should properly installed windows prevent outdoor elements from getting in, but they should also maintain the insulation in your home and even save you money on heating and cooling.
We will make the window process easy for you by taking care of the process every step of the way. Not only will we remove your windows for you, but we will also expertly install new windows that will last for years to come. Our window experts can also install specialty windows wherever you would like in new and old commercial and residential properties.


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by Chris Schlater on 7/19/2012
I live in centralia and Como premium roofing came by did our roof and gutters. Great company and very profassional. They clean up very good also wind damage some of our fascia and they did it for free.
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