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Consort Personnel is different from other recruiting firms, in that we are not just shopping for your current open positions. We understand that an outsourced recruiting firm is not needed for every position you have available; therefore, we never try to sell you our service. Consort Personnel brings a fresh, no pressure, flexible, and consultative approach to the industry.
We consult with our clients to find out how their company is positioned for future growth, and determine what is needed to make sure our clients achieve their growth in the most efficient way possible. We focus on building long term relationships and strive to put your business ahead of the competition.

Your company will have more flexibility and freedom to focus on business while Consort Personnel takes care of your employment needs. Some of our services include:

Contingency Search – If you are seeking to hire someone for an open position, you may choose to perform a contingency search with a staffing firm. Staffing firms are paid only for successful searches; payment is typically a percentage of the candidate’s starting salary. You should expect a replacement if the candidate does not last for a specified period of time at your company.

Retained Search – This type of search is similar to a contingency search except that you “retain” the staffing firm by paying some or the entire fee before the agency begins looking for candidates. In general this service is more prevalent when recruiting higher-level candidates (eg, executive positions). The advantage of retained search over contingency searches is that the staffing firm is more committed to the search.

Contract Recruiting – A company needing to hire a large volume of employees may choose a contract recruiter. Under this arrangement, a human resources professional is hired from a staffing firm to recruit for a client company. The contract recruiter will work at the client company, under the direction of the client company. Typically the staffing firm and contract recruiter are paid based on an agreed hourly rate regardless of the number of candidates sourced and hired for the client company. Contract recruiting is often used as an alternative to contingency searches and it is also useful if the company is short-staffed in human resources and can benefit from having a recruiter on board quickly.

Managed Services – Under this type of arrangement, a client company will outsource an entire department or function (eg, call center or mail room) on a continuing basis. This service works well when a company does not want to manage a specific area of business and can find a staffing firm that has some particular expertise in the area managed.

Offshore Outsourcing – This is also called “offshoring.” When using this type of staffing, the organization outsources certain jobs or tasks to overseas companies. This type of staffing is attractive because it offers a cost savings of up to 50% as compared with salaries in the United States. Offshore outsourcing also offers employers a greater availability of candidates who have in-demand skills.

Payrolling – With this sort of employment arrangement, a client company will identify a candidate but will ask the staffing firm to put the person on the staffing firm’s payroll. You may see this service used for summer or casual labor, for bringing back a retiree or former employee, for hiring a consultant where a 1099 situation does not fit, or for situations where budgets or company policy do not allow for a full-time permanent hire.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)RPO means that the entire process of recruiting for a particular skill level is performed by a staffing firm. For instance a company might outsource the recruiting for support staff while continuing to recruit in-house for managerial and core staff members. This allows the company’s managers and human resources staff to focus their efforts on the company’s core business while also ensuring a supply of high-quality staff members for all positions.

Temporary Help – This is what comes to mind for most people at the mention of staffing firms. With this type of service, a staffing firm recruits, screens, and hires employees in order to build up a large pool of qualified employees. These employees are assigned to the staffing firm’s clients for temporary periods of time and for duties as varied as mailroom coverage to executive level tasks. Most employers opt to use temporary staff because it offers them flexibility and access to talent.

Temporary to Hire – This is also commonly referred to as “temp-to-perm.” For companies, it is similar to hiring temporary help except that the client will hire a temporary employee with the intention of evaluating the candidate for consideration as a member of their permanent staff. The advantage is that a client company can try out the candidate before hiring him or her. The disadvantage is that the candidate may continue his or her job search and accept a permanent position before you have made a decision to hire.


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