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Ever since our founding in 1982, Continental Siding has grown from a “Mom and Pop siding shop” into a pioneer of the home siding industry. We are proud to be a homegrown company with deep American roots, built from the ground up, right here in Independence, Missouri. We now have 4 locations: Independence, MO, Columbia, MO, Springfield, MO and Wichita, KS. In the early days, our founder Jerry O’Neal ran the operation out of his garage and provided the same siding installation service offered by many other siding companies. However, he began to take note of the feedback provided from his customers. The customer’s feedback paved the way for some important developments that would separate Continental Siding from the rest of the pack. In 2019, Jerry O’Neal sold his company to his long-term protégé and business partner, Alec Cook. As the owner of Continental Siding, Alec Cook’s vision for the future is to fulfill the potential that Continental Siding has, which is to redefine the quality standards of our entire industry with our patented products.


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