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Curbstone LLC.

Curbstone has been providing one of a kind landscape service to Columbia, Mo and surrounding areas since 2005. They have a dedicated staff and top notch equipment to satisfy a wide array of concrete landscaping needs including curbing, decorative concrete patios, sidewalks, retaining walls, pavers and masonry work. Curbstone's team works closely with your landscapers to ensure you have all the best options at the lowest cost possible.


Using top of the line equipment, Curbside expels a continuous concrete curb, colored and designed to fit your expectations. There are an endless amount of colors and designs clients can choose from, from flagstone to basketweave and everything in between.

Concrete Services

Curbstone can not only tear out that old concrete, but replace it with something more deocrative or creative. Replace your old concrete with new decorative concrete to spice up your patio, driveway or sidewalk.

Retaining Walls

The team at Curbstone has quite a bit of retaining wall experience under their belt. Whether it is decorative, structural or both, they will make sure it looks beautiful. They have built both residential and commercial walls, so no job is too big or small!


Curbstone's team have an impressive resume of masonry as well. They will be more than happy to take on your masonry work, whether it is brick pavers, an outdoor grill, planters, or a fire place, Curbstone will provide you with a lot of options at a low cost.

To get started today, request a free estimate from Curbstone and receive a visit from a trained professional to discuss all your options at the lowest price possible.


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by Sharon Taylor on 4/27/2015
We had about 300 ft of curbing installed by this company. They went above and beyond expectations. Jon and his crew are fantastic. We would recommend them highly. We will use them again.
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by Sherry Rickard on 12/11/2014
John Installed a patio for me and the install went okay. There was some chipping of the concrete and he said that was from the mixing of the concrete. He agreed to fix it but it looked worse when he got done. After numerous attempts to get him back out he agreed to lighten the spots that they fixed and reseal the patio. I trie multiple times to call, email and text him without a response. I would not recommend him. Good customer service does not end when the job ends!
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by Robert Kottman on 9/10/2014
I had Jon scheduled for a Thursday and he called to reschedule. He said he would be there Saturday morning at 10am. I finally gave up at noon, no call, no nothing. The next week I received an email apologizing and said he would reschedule. I said "Sure". I have not heard from him since and he has not returned my phone calls for the past 2 months in my attempts to reschedule. If someone doesn't want to do a job be professional and TELL them and NEVER schedule a time and not show up or call, no matter if you don't "have service" on your cellphone---(his excuse).
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by Danielle Squires on 6/25/2013
Professional, courteous, and the curbing looks fabulous! Thanks again Jon!!
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