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In business since 1998, Jim Chouinard is serious about wood! If you have a deck, fence, shed or any structure with exposed wood, eventually it will need to be refinished. Damage from the elements strips your investment of its life.

Prepping the wood is the key to quality. On every job a special environmentally safe cleaner is used PRIOR to pressure washing. This process removes algae and properly conditions the wood to be washed with low-pressure. Without this cleaner, high-pressure washing is required which almost always causes wood to scar and splinter.

We refinish any type of exterior wood with over 50 colors available!

  • Decks
  • Garages
  • Fences
  • Shed
  • Wood Siding

We also clean:

  • House Exteriors
  • Windows
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Driveways
  • Gutters

“I use the best products on the market. I back my work with a 2-year guarantee. If you notice a blemish, I’ll come back! Payment is not required until the job has been completed.”


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