Don's Family Style Buffet

315 Hwy JJ
Huntsville, MO 65259
Phone: 660-277-4466



About Us

Don's Family Style Restaurant, located in Huntsville, MO, is the place to go for down-home cooking. In business since 2008, their famous fried chicken and friendly atmosphere attracts people from all around. Dedicated to providing a large selection of food at an affordable price, Don's Family Style Restuarant offers both a buffet and a full menu. The buffet gives guests a variety of meats to choose from, including their famous fried chicken, several sides, a full salad bar, and a dessert bar. If you are looking for a little more, they offer a full menu that boasts steak and other items. 

The recently remodeled restaurant includes an additional area to accomodate people who would like to have meetings or birthday parties. The remodel also included new carpet and new restrooms. The one thing that didn't change was the atmosphere that Don's Family Style Restaurant does so much to uphold. The owners' goal is to provide a family friendly place where customers can feel at home. If you live around, or are just driving through, check out Don't Family Style Restaurant!


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by Danielle Squires on 5/3/2013
BEST fried chicken in the land!! THE Best rolls. Amazing food, amazing people, go meet the Spicers' and have Friday night dinner or Sunday afternoon lunch at Don's Family Style Buffet.
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