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Columbia, MO 65201
Phone: (573) 874-4190
Website: www.engandwoods.com

About Us

The Columbia general practice legal professionals at the Law Office of Eng & Woods are highly skilled in such diverse areas as personal injury, auto accidents, family law, and criminal defense. We serve the mid-Missouri region with integrity, experience, and high standards. Our goal is to achieve the best possible legal outcome for each one of our clients, and we apply our range of knowledge effectively to every case we handle.

Our knowledgeable attorneys bring insight and experience to each case we handle. Its a time when you need someone behind you that you can trust. For almost forty years Eng & Woods has been trusted to help thousands of people at this difficult time.

Personal Injury: Automobile Accidents, Medical Malpractice, and Wrongful Death

Many cases fall under the category of personal injury law. They typically involve a situation where one party behaved in a careless or negligent manner, resulting in injury or tragic wrongful death. Auto accident litigation can be a particularly stressful process because of the involvement of insurance companies. It is always a good idea to consult with an experienced attorney before you make any decisions regarding a motor vehicle accident claim. There is a big difference in the law firm you choose. Eng & Woods has a reputation for helping their mid-Missouri neighbors through the difficult times and are well-respected both in the community and legal circles.

Criminal Law

The law firm of Eng & Woods handles felonies, misdemeanors, municipal, state, and federal crime cases. Our team is well practiced in local Missouri court procedures and law and we work hard to reduce sentencing and provide legal insight regarding plea bargains and the realities of the judicial process. Eng & Woods understands that a criminal charge can be devastating, especially if you dont understand your rights. Let our experienced criminal team help protect your rights, whether you face a DWI, drug charges, traffic violation, MIP, or any other criminal charge.

Family Law: Divorce, Child Support, Paternity, Custody, Legal Separation, & Adoption

You probably have an emotional investment as well as financial investment in your marriage and your children, and these two things can often conflict and make it very difficult to resolve settlement issues involving divorce and child support. Our attorneys can provide top-notch legal assistance and time and money-saving guidance. We make every reasonable effort to negotiate settlements that are satisfactory to both sides, but sometimes settlement isnt an option. In this situation, we are prepared to try the case in court.

If you are in need of a knowledgeable attorney, please call the Law Office of Eng and Woods today at 573-874-4190 or toll free at 1-866-434-6498. You may also fill out our web form for a fast response.

The information presented at this site is for informational purposes only and should not be construed to be formal legal advice nor the formation of a lawyer/client relationship.


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