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About Us

At Froggy’s we’ll “hop” to it to earn your business and be there right away when you need us. We pride ourselves on our customer service and getting the job done right THE FIRST TIME. We have many satisfied customers and referrals are the key to our success!

We handle the maintenance and repair of all commercial and residential heating and cooling units. We perform all necessary diagnostic testing procedures to isolate any problems or issues, and to provide you with the best method of repair.

We always provide an estimate before any work is completed, and we service all makes of furnace and air conditioning units. Not only do we provide excellent service for all your HVAC needs, but we also perform all types of routine electrical and plumbing jobs on an as-needed basis.

Check us out and find out what so many of our customers already know: we're the best around.

We serve the entire St. Louis area and are located in Arnold for your local convenience.

Give us a call at (314) 974-3764
24 hour service available!


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by rebecca smith on 2/15/2017
Froggy came out on a cold winter day when no one else would. And at 8 pm. Just needed a wire tighten down and it worked just fine after. What was also great is he was fair with the pricing.
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by Ashley Mack on 10/17/2013
Do NOT have this company out to your house. We trusted him to come fix our furnace and at first we really liked him because he seemed to genuinely care about our well being and he seemed to want to help us out...and then the con artist side emerged. He was out to our house 3-4 times within a month because everytime he would come out he would stay maybe 10-20 minutes (mind you, he'd be on his blue tooth the entire time), and then a day or two later my furnace would stop working again. After about the 3rd or 4th time of him coming out and our furnace crapping out, I suddenly couldn't get ahold of him and his voicemail was too full to receive any new voicemails. Meanwhile, it's winter time and we have no heat and my daughter was already sick so living in a house that never got above 58 degrees wasn't helping. We borrowed money from my aunt so that a new repairman could come out and not only were the parts that Jeremiah installed OLD, but there were wires cut and parts missing. Amazingly, after only one visit to my house the new repairman was able to fix my furnace and it has been working perfectly ever since...thank god!
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by Jeremiah Feinburg on 3/14/2013
All the negative feed on this company is false they were made by friends how wanted work or equitment for free well you cant feed a family on free and they decided to blackmail the company its truly a sad world out there... well god bless any questions about the company you can call 314-799-9206
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by Amy Billingsley on 7/31/2012
This man come out to my house on 6-28-2012 hooked up a "new A.C. unit. It was still hot in my house, he then told me it was because of the furniture in my house. okay so fast-forward to three days later. I have a different union A.C. guy come look at the "new" unit. Well, it was NOT a new unit it was old and had NO freeon(sp). SO my old unit gets put back in because nothing was wrong with it. All it needed was freeon(sp). This guy is a crook and a scam artist!! He stole my money, will not answer his phone. He even left things behind at my home that he will not come get. Beware of this man!! And he left my children, pets, and home at 100+ degrees. We have been in a heat wave!! He doesn't care.
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