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Garage Harmony is a locally owned and operated Garage Storage Solutions company which serves the greater Mid Missouri area. We serve consumers in Mid Missouri cities such as Camdenton, Moberly, Rolla, Sedalia, Osage Beach, Columbia, Mexico, Fulton, Ashland and Lake of the Ozarks. 

Do you need to reduce the clutter in your garage? Restore order and gain some garage organization? Get everything off the ground so that you can actually park your car in the garage again? Do you want to save money by having your own garage storage unit and not have to use off-site storage units? Good news, we can help! With the patented Monkey Bars Storage System we can help you make the most of your garage space. Imagine storing everything you have in less space AND always having EASY access to it.

At Garage Harmony we provide garage storage systems and home storage shelving through sales and installation of our featured product, Monkey Bars Storage Solutions. Monkey Bars Storage Solutions has been in the garage storage solution business for over 12 years providing customers with secure, strong and safe overhead storage. Monkey Bars are the most robust and versatile products on the market today.  The systems are constructed of heavy duty steel and custom built according to your needs. The systems do not have any weight or volume limitations. The bar and hook component includes 10 different hooks for hanging, storing, and making sure your items are easy to access. Once installed no maintenance is required on a Monkey Bars system.  Also, every system comes with lifetime warranty. 

Our garage flooring services feature an industrial strength epoxy; a product you won't find in any big box retail store such as Lowes, Menards, or Home Depot. The process we use to prepare your floor and apply the material helps ensure that your floor will hold up over time and withstand the conditions of your garage. We also offer crack repair and options for color and texture. 

Garage Harmony is fully licensed and insured to install the best garage storage system in your home or business.  We are also members of the Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce which promotes our local community development.

We are available to serve you when the timing is right for you.  Appointments are made especially to fit your schedule.  Call us today at 573-291-6556 to get a customized estimate for your garage storage solution.

Accepted methods of payment are Cash and Check.


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by Matt Padberg on 3/29/2012
What a difference a little organization makes! We moved from a larger house to one that's a bit smaller. After we moved we still had the same amount of stuff. Needless to say we filled our garage with the overflow from the house. Garage Harmony not only helped us get our overflow items in order, they also helped us get everything off the floor. The system they installed opened up a ton of space. In fact, we can even park a car in our 3rd bay! I wouldn't have thought that was possible. But they did it. We are very pleased with Garage Harmony and would highly recommend their work to anyone who could use some organization in their garage.
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by Bea Stricker on 2/14/2012
Larry and I have a lot of things stored in our garage. We hired Garage Harmony to build shelves to see if we could get some of the things off the floor. The Garage Harmony crew worked in our garage while I was out for the afternoon. When I came home, I pulled into the garage and thought I was in a new house. The guys installed two shelves and were somehow able to get almost everything off the floor. Our garage was clean and it looked a whole lot bigger. I was very impressed.
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by James Roberts on 1/28/2012 (last edited on 1/28/2012)
We had a messy shed. There were tools leaning against the wall and all kinds of things on the floor. We had Garage Harmony install a 12 foot shelf with bars and hooks. They got everything on that shelf and we were able to hang up all of my tools on those bars and hooks. I didn't think we could it. Now I can park my truck AND my tractor in the shed and go in and out without a problem. They did a really good job.
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by Jared Wassmann on 1/27/2012
We used to keep a lot of things up in our attic and it was such a hassle to go up and down to get things out. This is great because you can put the things you need right on the shelf where you can get to them quickly and easily. It looks great and holds everything that we need it to. This is a great way to get organized and everyone could use one. I was amazed at how many things you could store with this unit. My family and I absolutely love it.
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by Trent and Darla Porter on 1/26/2012
This year we downsized from house to condo, which meant we downsized in garages too. We left a three car garage that held two cars and all our stuff to a two car garage with the same number of cars and just as much stuff. Before Garage Harmony, I could not open the hatch on my SUV unless the garage door was open. Now I have enough room to pull my SUV all the way in and unload my groceries with the garage door down. Thanks for helping us "rise above the mess".
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