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If you want to play better golf, you have come to the right place. For more than 15 years, GolfTEC has been helping golfers of all skill levels play better and enjoy the game more. Whether you are a complete beginner or an accomplished golfer, GolfTECs comprehensive approach to improvement can help you reach your personal goals. We are located at 3401 Broadway Business Park Court in Columbia Missouri. So take a few minutes to explore GolfTECs Proven Pathwatch a few videos, subscribe to their free Momentum Newsletter and read on to find out how about The Proven Path can help you play better golf. *GolfTECProven Path. Proven Results.* Only GolfTEC has all five factors needed for maximum improvement and lasting results. As the undisputed leader in golf improvement, GolfTEC teaches 20% of all U.S. lessons annually and delivers a consistent 95% success rate. GolfTECs Certified Personal Coaches have given millions of lessons to more than 200,000 clients and their Improvement Centers are found across North America. The five factors of The Proven Path 1. Fact-based Diagnosis An objective analysis using video, motion measurement and a proprietary database of over 150 Tour players. 2. Sequential Lessons GolfTECs Certified Personal Coaches give easily understood lessons that build repeatable skills and lasting results. 3. Video-based Practice Learning rates are dramatically accelerated with visual feedback that positively reinforces new swing habits. 4. Advanced Retention Tools GolfTECs online Player Performance Center provides private 24/7 access to lesson history, past swing videos and practice drills that reinforce every improvement program. 5. Precision-matched Clubs GolfTECs unbiased club fitting process filters through more than 1,000 clubs to find the ideal match to each players swing. GolfTEC is the only place you need for golf improvement. Build proper swing mechanics, enjoy the game more and lower your scores with GolfTEC lessons. Gain distance and accuracy with every club in your bag with GolfTECs Personal Club Fitting. Accelerate your improvement with GolfTECs exclusive video-based practice and Player Performance Center. You want to play better golf. GolfTEC will help you make it happen. Join the more than 200,000 clients who have found success with GolfTECs Proven Path.


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by Mark Manary on 11/21/2011
I started taking lessons from Nick about a year ago and immediately saw improvement in my swing and scoring -- finally broke 80 for the first time! I really enjoyed the systematic approach and the use of the video and body movement sensor so that you can see and feel what you are doing during the golf swing. Highly recommended.
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by Teresa Katubig on 11/14/2011
After having spent a few months with the Pros at Golftec I now have developed a great swing for the first time. Being able to see my swing on video made all the difference in the world. I couldn't be more pleased with lessons and the outcome! I highly recommend Golftec to anyone that is considering lessons.
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by Randall Minchew on 11/9/2011
Brad and Nic and the gang at Golftec were so easy to work with and I felt at ease after just a couple visits. I have been getting instructions for 20 + years but Brad and Nic showed me on screen what I needed to work on...All at once I could feel what I was doing because i could see was I was doing. I really look forward to the indoor practice time this winter.. I could not give the Golftec Crew a better review...My handicap has dropped to an all time low of 11.4 at age 53. Go see them for a fre explanation of their plans and pricing & tell them Randy sent you...
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by Chip McCann on 11/4/2011
What a perfect way to correct a golf swing. Fact based and video technology plus two of the nicest golf coaches ever. I like my game and can't wait to see how I end up after practicing in their indoor facility.
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