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Grove Construction General Contracting (GCGC) in Columbia, MO has decades of experience with professional and modern applications. Low overhead allows us to deliver projects at a lower cost than our competition. GCGC provides the same services as any large-scale General Contractor, and our goal is to provide cost effective solutions to building! We have worked on projects ranging from small-scale remodels to large commercial construction projects up to 10 million dollars Just some of our options include: commercial building, commercial remodeling and metal buildings. We are also a certified NUCOR builder.
Concrete Contractors & Construction
Our Concrete Contractors & Construction team is skilled in creating flooring, patios, sidewalks and more. Concrete is an inexpensive with a wide assortment of design options. Work with our Concrete Contractors today in order to see what options we can provide for your next concrete construction project!
Commercial Remodelers
Here at Grove Construction we are experts in exceeding your expectations. From initial plans to final walkthroughs, we will work with you to make the dreams you have for your commercial space a reality. Our experienced Commercial Remodelers are experts in transforming run-down facilities into the modern commercial spaces you desire.
Commercial Builders
Our experienced Commercial Builders are experts in building the commercial spaces you’ve been dreaming of. From warehouses to office spaces and more, our professionals will work with you every step of the way to ensure you are satisfied with your new commercial building.
Retaining Wall Construction
Retaining Walls are essential to any well-manicured lawn. Keeping soil and erosion from destroying your garden and grass, retaining walls are a beautiful and inexpensive way to enhance your lawn. With a variety of material options, we are able to create a wide variety of customizable solutions for your yard.

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