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The Future Of Construction

Grove Construction General Contracting (GCGC) in Columbia MO. combines years of experience with professional and new age applications.  Low overhead allows us to deliver projects at a lower cost than our competition.

GCGC provides the same services as any large-scale General Contractor which gives the owner a BETTER VALUE.  Our goal is to provide COST EFFECTIVE solutions to building!

Member Robert (Bob) Grove has 36 years of commercial construction experience in the central Missouri area. He has managed projects ranging from small-scale remodels to large commecrial construction projects up to 10 million dollars

Member Tony Groves degree in Construction Management from the University of Central Missouri provides the company with the newest methods and approach to management

Our scope of work includes; Commercial building, Commercial remodeling and metal buildings.

We are a certified NUCOR builder. NUCOR is the largest metal building manufacturer in the world

Grove Construction General Contracting is THE FUTURE OF CONSTRUCTION

Bob & Tony Grove 



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