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by Nicole Johnson on 6/19/2012
OMG! If I could give this joke of a place 0 stars I would! If you have any self-respect at all, DO NOT subject your head to this mad woman's reckless scissors!! I had my hair butchered here SEVERAL months ago by a gypsy woman and am still trying to grow out the damage...with the help of some qualified hair specialists! I have never in all my life seen a hairstylist grab a fistful of hair from the top of my head and just chop it off. There is no delicate finger work here...just hack, hack, hack! Not only was my hair destroyed, but she stabbed my ear with the scissors and it bled AND she blazed skin off my neck with her clippers! Unreal! So, being the nice person that I am, I politely asked if she would stop cutting so much off and she blew me off and said she wasn't done yet. I should have got right up and walked out then. But her creepy man-cohort had come in and sat down and was staring at me...too weird. Not one person came in the whole time I was there. I was so uneasy at that point, as I had never found myself in such an uncomfortable, bizarre situation! When this witch was done with me, I looked like a man (or a he-she) with spiked hair! I immediately went to a different salon, and as I cried, they desperately tried to fix the damage, but the other woman had done so much damage and left so little hair that there wasn't much she could do. I have NEvER cried over my hair. I spilled many tears that day. Looking back, I swear I didn't see her license displayed at her counter anywhere! This woman has no business running this dump and needs to be investigated by licensing officials! What a wretched nightmare!
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