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For over 25 years Hendren's Excavating & Demolition has been the premier excavating company in Columbia MO. and the surrounding communities.  We pride ourselves on, prompt service, quality workmanship,  all while delivering exceptional results!  We are fully licensed and insured.   As our slogan states "Well Equipped" we pride ourselves on having the proper equipment to do the job right.

Excavating Services:

If you  are looking at digging a basement for your new home or would like to have your own pond or lake, give us a call!

Demolition Services: 

Do you have  an old house or barn that needs to come down?  Don"t  let gravity be in control. Let us bring it down. Safely and without damage to surrounding structures.  We use a certified landfill for disposal  of debris.  

Septic and Sewer Waste;

We install septic tank systems and lagoons according to county codes.  We can also bring existing systems up to code.

Land Clearing:,

If you have property that you can't make the most of due to its terraine, give us a call.  We clear out trees, remove stumps, level pads and resolved drainage issues.

If you have a project that you aren't sure we can do, give us a call.  If  we can't do it, we will direct you to someone that can.

For more information about Hendren's Excavating & Demolition Inc. call us today!  Their is no job too large!          573-881-6346



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by Rachael Bax on 4/23/2013
I had a unique experience in working with Hendren, and am SO glad these guys came through! I needed some excavating done around a lagoon, on get this- a house I didn't own!! I wanted to purchase the house, but to do so- had to get the lagoon to code. Talk about nerve wracking! I had to make sure the current owners trusted Hendren to work on their house, I had to trust them to work on (hopefully) my new house, had to get it all done by a set closing date, AND had to make sure when the inspector/appraiser showed up, all would be good. The current owners were very pleased on the manner the work was done while they lived there, I was thrilled to know everything was to code, and we happily closed on our home, AHEAD of schedule. Quite literally, couldn't have purchased my dream home without Hendren!
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