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Columbia, MO 65203
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About Us

We are a holistic Chiropractic office. We offer Acupuncture,both Needle and non-needle technique. Therapeutic Massage, both deep tissue and relaxing massage. Nutritional work up and recommendations. Detoxification foot baths, and Allergy elimination technique. Dr Christy Henley has been in Columbia for 25 years. and is dedicated to help difficult and chronic cases improve with a mufti disciplinary approach.

Sport’s injuries, auto accidents, and acute or chronic pain syndromes. Migraines, GERD, sciatica, neck pain, low back pain, all treated gently including muscle therapy with each chiropractic treatment.

Specializing in fibro-myalgia, and chronic pain syndromes. Woman’s hormone issues as well as infertility.

We treat all ages from the young child who is having sleeping difficulties , to the child who has chronic ear infections. We do not use drugs but treat the body with proper nutrition, gentle l Chiropractic and energy balancing techniques.

Seniors respond well to gentle chiropractic care as well. Dr Henley has a special fondness for seniors and is always amazed as to how well they do and improve their quality of life under her care. Her oldest patient is 97 years old.
Acupuncture also helps seniors come out of those chronic pain syndromes that don’t seem to respond to anything else.


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by Jake Bowlby on 8/28/2012
Thank you to Dr. Henley and his staff for fitting me into your busy schedule on short notice. With just one adjustment, I feel great. I would highly recommend your company!
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