4720 E. Liberty
P.O. Box 863
Mexico, MO 65265
Phone: (573) 581-2800

Services also in the following areas

Columbia, Kansas City, St Louis

About Us

IMS helps you affordably manage, store, organize and destroy paper and digital information in a manner that allows your staff to retrieve, track, and verify your company’s important documents and data.

Efficient records & documents management means faster, better service for your customers. IMS can make your life easier with a proven information management system that is secure, environmentally friendly, affordable and convenient to use.

We put our promise to protect your confidential information in writing; we back up that promise by putting all new employees through a thorough background check and drug-screening before allowing them to be bonded.

Whether its business, medical, insurance, financial or education datayour information is too valuable to ignore. Our team services St Louis, Kansas City, Columbia, Jefferson City and most of rest of the State of Missouri. We’d appreciate the opportunity to end your paper trail!


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