J - Bar Construction, Inc.

8391 Forest Creek Dr
Columbia, MO 65201
Phone: (573) 446-7582


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by Kathalene Opperud on 7/13/2019 (last edited on 7/13/2019)
I can't speak for the kind of work they do at this company -- but as the 60 year old victim in the below review -- regarding my assault on John Page's property, at Castle Car Wash, by his employee, Tony Novinger on 7/6//18 -- I can confirm everything the below author wrote is true. John Page showed no decency in his response to this, and it's obvious he'd rather stick with his employee who victimized someone than be fair and investigate the situation himself. Page refused to pay for the cost of my ER bill ($1400) that occurred on his property as a result of his employee assaulting me, but Page did purchase a copy of police bodycam from the police to take to small claims court -- which is absurd and wouldn't have shown the facts of this assault. I believe if Novinger, the person who hit me, could have run away after he did so, he would have, but being an employee there (under Page), he couldn't run so he did the next best thing and lied about what happened. I would be leary of John Page from my personal experience, where he refused to pay for medical costs as a result of injury caused on his property by his employee. Page even tried to help this employee get out of this by telling the police he knows people in law enforcement when they came. I would be leary that he sided with his violent employee, who harassed me, got my just washed car dirty purposely and then hit me while I inside a car wash bay. This was no accident but done on purpose to cause harm, with the assaulter showing no remorse to me afterwards but instead saying, "That's what you get," and then leaving. I will add that John Page's son, Andrew, also appeared in small claims court to obviously support his father and Novinger. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
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by Don Trevor on 6/28/2019
The president of J-Bar Construction is John Page and he also owns Castle Car Wash in Columbia. This past summer, John Page' s employee at Castle Car Wash, Tony Novinger, assaulted a 60 year old woman after she washed her car there, while her car was still in a wash bay. Before this happened, Novinger was leaf blowing alongside of this woman's just-washed car in her wash bay, to get it dirty and annoy her. When she tried to stop him from doing this, he hit her in her face, causing her lip to be severely cut and she had to go to ER and get stitches. John Page wasn't there when this happened, coming afterwards and he showed no decency to this woman, not even talking to her or apologizing to her, but he instead stayed with his violent employee, showing complete and total loyalty to him, and Page even told the police to "no trespass" this woman from the property, as if she did something wrong, when she did not. Novinger lied to the police regarding what happened to clearly try to get out of this, and John Page stood loyal to him. When this woman took John Page and Tony Novinger to small claims court two months later for the cost of her ER bill, Novinger lied profusely regarding what happened and even called this assault an accident, for the first time, although it was not. He did not call it an accident to the police but made this up, changing his story, at the small claims hearing, where John Page, who again stood loyal to him, I believe knowing Novinger was lying. It's obvious John Page lacks in honor and integrity and he does not take financial responsibility for wrongs or damage done to others on his property. There is a pending assault case regarding this incident, and 8 months after it happened, this same man, Tony Novinger, went on and assaulted someone and destroyed property (not at this car wash) and now Novinger has two pending criminal cases. John Page acted in a very indecent and dishonorable way in this situation, showing loyalty to his employee who assaulted a customer, not even firing him afterwards. It's obvious Page doesn't take responsibility for harm done to others on his property by his employee, as he should have. I would be leary of John Page.
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