Jeff Dungan Agency

2100 E Broadway Ste 200
Columbia, MO 65201
Phone: (573) 875-1225

About Us

Jeff Dungan Agency is committed to acting in its clients best
interests by providing quality products and services that meet,
as well as anticipate, our clients risk management needs. As
an insurance agency, we maintain contractual agreements
with various insurance companies that allow us to provide our
clients with a variety of risk management options in products
and services.

In meeting our clients needs, we will take reasonable
measures to obtain quotes from any insurer, with whom we
have a business arrangement, that could be the best available
insurance provider for our clients. Based on our experience
and analysis of your insurance requirements, our agency will
recommend the best insurer for your needs. Our associates
do not place their own financial or other interests above that of
our clients.


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