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Welcome to Jesse’s Auto Service where we offer alignments, tire service, oil changes, engine and transmission repair, electrical work, and numerous other services. Please don’t hesitate to call or come by with your needs. “We Take Pride In Your Ride” and look forward to seeing you soon!

A partial list of the services we provide:
• Oil Changes
• Tire Repair and Replacement
• Radiator Service
• Air Conditioning System Service
• Brake Service
• Steering and Suspension
• Timing Belt Repair
• Transmission Service
• Tune Ups
• Vehicle Alignments
• Motor Vehicle Inspections
• and much much MORE!

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday 8am – 5:00pm


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by Courtney Bottoms on 10/2/2011
I had a real bad noise that my car was making and I took it to other places. The other places could not figure it out and then I took it to Jesse's Auto Service and they figured it out and fixed it.
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by Tiffany Roberts on 10/2/2011
I had a flat tire and was running late for work and Jesse's Auto Service came and put my spare on. Then I went to work and they came and got my car and fixed the tire and brought it back to my work.
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by jack denny on 10/12/2011
on a long trip from montana to alanta with a trailer on,i had a trailer tire blow out on i-70 in boonville mo. my luck was it was on the same exit as jesse's auto,he save the day with a used tire he happened to have(he was locking up for the day)he stayed late and got me back on my way.he could of really stuck it to me in a bad way but he didnt.he was verry fair in price.thanks jesse,its great to know that not all shops are just about the amount of money they can ring out of some one who is between a rock and a hard place!!
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by mike cook on 10/12/2011
after a bad day of trying to find the problem with my truck(it was a cracked fly wheel and bell housing making the noise)jesse's found it with in 5 min. then fixed it that after noon working with me to fit me in and get me back on the road,and he was pretty cheap on the cost(compared to the other shops that had missed the problem to start with)as far as i am concerned,its true when he says "we take pride in your ride"
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