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"If it's done outdoors, we can do it!"

JKL Landscaping has been in business in Columbia, MO ever since 2005. We specialize in landscape design, sod, seeding and hydroseeding. We also do retaining walls, paver and flagstone, and patios and pathways, as well as drainage and erosion control. JKL Landscaping can also take care of all your mulching and tree trimming needs.
Our services include concrete contractors & construction, drainage services, excavating contractors, landscapers and design services, and retaining wall construction.
Concrete Contractors & Construction
Concrete is a cost efficient and diverse medium that can be used to create anything. From plain concrete to elaborate stamped and stained flagstone, brick, stone, tile, and marble designs; the options are limitless. Our experienced professionals can create the foundation, walkway, patio, pool, or outdoor kitchen that you’ve been dreaming of at a competitive price.
Drainage Services
Fixing your drainage and erosion problems are often easier and less expensive than most people realize. We specialize in cost effective solutions to drainage and erosion. Drainage services can range from irrigations systems, to sump pumps, to gutters, and more. Proper drainage can save you time and money on foundation and lawn care.
Efficient drainage services are essential to keeping your lawn lush and beautiful. Here at JKL Landscaping our experienced experts will design the perfect irrigation system for you so your landscape maintenance is as easy as pushing a button. Our professionals know just how much water your landscape needs. We will come to fix any drainage issues you have.
Excavating Contractors
Our excavating contractors offer commercial and residential services that will make your life easy. Our contractors use trucks to clear land and dig or remove basements, swimming pools, driveways, and septic tanks. Our friendly professionals work in a timely manner so that you will have your installation complete in no time.  
We will optimize your spending to bring you the most bang for your buck and we can plant anything imaginable in your yard; from local and low-maintenance to exotic and unique. We can do convert installation or replacement as well as gravel driveway installation and repairs, pond and lagoon digging, and overall grade work.
Landscapers and Design Services
Whether you want a pool, driveway, waterfall, walkway, pond, fire pit, outdoor kitchen or patio or more; our experienced workers are passionate in bringing you a manicured landscape that makes the neighbors jealous. Not only will we work with you to create a plan for your dream yard, but our friendly experts also will complete the job in record time so that you can start enjoying your lush landscaping in no time.
Retaining Wall Construction
From cement to brick to stone and everything in between, our professionals are experienced in big and small beautiful, sturdy retaining wall construction. Not only are we up to date on local coding, but we will also take care of all your required permitting needs and ensure that your landscaping enhances your home or business.

If you need concrete contractors & construction, drainage services, excavating contractors, landscapers and design services, or retaining wall construction…

Give Us a Call Today at (573) 219-1205!

"If it's done outdoors, we can do it!"


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by Brian Whorley on 3/5/2011
Nathan is a great guy who does solid, incredible work!
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