Just Around the Corner, Inc

3526 Lemay Ferry Rd
St Louis, MO 63125
Email: office@jatcwoodfloors.com
Phone: (314) 487-9909
Website: www.jatcwoodfloors.com

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About Us

We specialize in hardwood flooring, as well as tile, stone, recycled leather flooring, carpet and laminate flooring. We provide quality hardwood flooring choices for St. Louis and surrounding areas. At Just Around The Corner, our hardwood flooring solutions offer natural beauty and warmth, which has been our passion since the early days in 1989. When we began, only a relatively small number of hardwood species existed for customers in their hardwood flooring designs. Since then, the number of available hardwood species has multiplied significantly as the world has begun to share its treasures of unique, exotic species with U.S. consumers. We refer to our hardwood flooring as “functional works of art”. Although hardwood flooring serves a very clear and practical purpose, the right blend of species and designs can add real character and beauty to your home. Your floors will provide a unigue statement and convey to your friends and family that you really care about your home.


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