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With K Accounting, Inc. you won’t need to wonder about the paperwork, balancing the checkbook or when the payroll taxes are due. So that means you can focus on what you do best because ‘keeping your books is my business’.

In just afew hours a month, K Accountingcan:
Organize and pay your bills
Balance your check book
Teach you how to use youraccounting software
Prepare your financialstatements
Assist you with payroll/payroll taxes
Make tax time a breeze
Save you time and headaches


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by Jessica Stannard on 9/10/2010
I would recommend the warm personal service that K Accounting provides to anyone who is looking for fast, efficient, accurate accounting services. My husband and I have used Kay Rich for over two years and have come to rely on her knowledge and highly organized business skills.
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by Amanda Proctor on 6/30/2010
Kay Rich has an outstanding way of training in Book Keeping Services. She is very good at what she does, and gets it done within a reasonable time. She also is very accurate with what she does. Very rarely if any does she make mistakes. Give her a shot! You won't be disappointed!
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