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We will be able to get your carpets cleaner than any of our competitors Guaranteed! We use the Rotovac Carpet Restoration System. Compared to a traditional wand cleaning the Rotovac picks up more dirt and grime because of its dual head rotary extraction system. These heads cover 360 degrees of the carpet it’s cleaning while the traditional wand only goes back and forth.

The traditional wand relies on the stamina of its operator while the Rotovac relies on the high torque motors to clean the carpet, leaving the carpets looking like new and the operator less fatigued. The Rotovac also leaves your carpets 20% drier than a traditional wand.

In our experience, we have found that the Rotovac provides the most thorough clean possible. With the Rotovac process your carpets will look, feel and stay cleaner longer! We also use the industry’s most advanced truck-mounted carpet cleaning extractor. In combination with 240 degree heated solution, 600 cfm vacuum power, our Rotovac power wand, and our Certified Technician on site, you will receive the best clean possible, Guaranteed. (All technician operators are IICRC certified.)

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by gary purdome on 6/23/2014
After a long winter of tracking in the carpet was in real need of some attention. These guy did a great job and the carpet looks better than when other companies had cleaned it before. Thumbs up from me!!!!
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by John Sullins on 6/17/2014
Had my carpets cleaned by Kingdom Cleaning this week and they did an amazing job. This was the 4th time I've had my carpets cleaned in the past 2-3 years. I have tried 3 other companies but was never as impressed as I was with the job that Kingdom did. I would highly recommend them to others.
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by Lindsey Crist on 2/19/2013
We have used Kingdom Cleaning for our 10,000+ square foot building for over a year and have always loved working with them. They recently did a large resealing project and we were very pleased with the work they did. Kingdom Cleaning is one of our most conscientious, trustworthy, and valued service providers. They go the extra mile to ensure the job is done well. I highly recommend using Kingdom Cleaning!
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by Sherry Campbell on 1/17/2013
Justin at Kingdom Cleaning has been cleaning the carpets in both our rental house and our own home for over 5 years. I've recommended him to friends and family who all continue to use his services. He is friendly, efficient and does a great job at an affordable price.
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by Darrel Zimmerman on 2/15/2012 (last edited on 2/15/2012)
Had Kingdom cleaning do my carpet 2 times over last 2 years, The Job was great and service was geat also. Use the Roto vac only.
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