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About Us

At Kliethermes Chiropractic we have a three-part vision for all of our patients: get well, stay active, and be healthy. We help male and female patients of all ages realize this vision and express a special interest in women’s health and pregnancy.

We accept chiropractic patients from other health care professionals and refer patients in non-chiropractic cases. We also co-manage cases to optimize treatment outcomes.

With over 15 years of experience we provide a unique, well-rounded approach to your health care by offering a variety of treatment options. These may include non-surgical spinal decompression and therapeutic exercise.

We strive to do more than manage your condition; we provide you with care to resolve existing complaints and prevent problems in the future. We educate you on the cause of your condition and empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to get well, stay healthy, and be healthy.

Chiropractic is a drug-free, hands-on and non-invasive treatment of conditions caused by mechanical dysfunction of the joints, and their effects on the nervous system and on general health.

Our treatment is holistic. We address the physical problems in addition to lifestyle factors that may be affecting your overall health.



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by Florence Minor on 5/24/2013
After suffering moderate to severe neck/shoulder pain for several weeks and wanting more than just a prescription for pain pills, a friend highly recommended Dr. Emily. I was very skeptical, but was impressed with her manner, technique, and most importantly, the relief I felt after the first visit. A few follow-up visits and the mobility has returned to my neck and the pain is a mild, infrequent occurence. I'm definitely a believer and am very grateful for Dr. Emily's care.
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by Mary Schulte on 5/5/2013
I go to see Dr Kliethermes any time I have a head ache or back ache or pain just about any where and she can get rid of the pain.
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