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About Us

James M. Cooksey Attorney At Law in Moberly MO. has been practicing law on both sides of the bench as a Judge and as a Private Practice Attorney since 1980. I am constantly amazed at the number of individuals who go to Court without someone on their team without an Attorney at their side. They plead guilty and find their drivers license has been revoked or they have lost visitation rights with their children in a custody matter.

Dont let that happen to you!

 Criminal Defense Attorney Services:
*  DWI & Traffic (speeding, DUI, MIP)
*  Criminal Defense (Burglary, Theft, Assault)
*  Drug Offense

Family Law Attorney Services:
*  Divorce & Family 
*  Child Custody
*  Paternity

*  Child Support
*  Guardianship/Conservatorships

When under legal stress, you want the best on your side. When you consult with me about your legal problems, I'm able to provide you an opinion not only from the Attorneys standpoint, but from the judicial view.

Put my unique experience to work for you. Call the law office of James M. Cooksey Attorney At Law  today!

Schedule your free consultation at (660) 263-9803.


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by Jake Bowlby on 5/30/2013
Mr. Cooksey has helped me personally with a few speeding citations. Mr. Cooksey and his staff is always friendly and prompt. The best part about my experience with this law firm is that they take care of all the details for you! Thanks again for your service.
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