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Luckenbill Law Firm, LLC, located in Columbia MO. is dedicated to providing estate planning counseling to help avoid probate court and  many other estate planning pitfalls. Tom Luckenbill is the principal attorney of Luckenbill Law Firm, LLC. Mr. Luckenbill’s main area of expertise is in estate planning, including wills, trusts, health care directives and other documents. Tom graduated from the University of Missouri in 1983 with a B.S. in business administration. Tom went on to receive his MBA from the University of Missouri in 1986 and his J.D. (law degree) in 1987, also from the University of Missouri.

In his years of experience, Tom has gained valuable expertise as an estate planner. Tom’s experience can be the difference that helps you create an estate that stands the test of time and will give you the peace of mind to know that your loved ones will be properly taken care of when you are gone. Tom can help you create not only a personalized estate plan, he can help you create your legacy.

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Be sure to check out our monthly blog posts on estate planning questions to help you as you move forward with your estate planning goals.


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by Casey Buckman on 7/26/2011
We dreaded getting our will done. Tons of questions with no end in site and then there was the huge suspposed price tag. Tom, however, not only gave us the best deal but was extremely patient and thorough in answering our questions. We also learned he gives back to the community in many ways. Good guy, good knowledge and experience. We'll use him for life, most likely.
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by tom klucking on 7/23/2011
Tom was very accomodating to my specific needs. Very proficient in tailoring a plan that met my specific needs and concerns. The process of creating a will and family trust was made very simply and easy to follow.
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