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LVH Construction is a family owned and operated home and business remodeling company and a full-service provider of residential and commercial handyman work dedicated to customer satisfaction. We have built our reputation over the past 25 years by providing customers with exceptional service that produces exceptional results. Our services are customized to meet the unique needs of our clients.

LVH Construction is a “full service” contracting and handyman company with the skills and tools to handle everything from a simple door knob replacement to a full home or business remodel.

Call (636) 677-0938 or (314) 640-3130 for a free consultation and written estimate on your home or commercial remodeling or handyman project.

We gladly accept personal checks, Paypal and major Credit Cards.

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by Joe White on 9/5/2012 (last edited on 9/5/2012)
Bought a living social deal for power washing and a bid on other work needed to be done. Scheduled it and confirmed 24 hrs in advance. Took an unpaid day off work to meet him. 1/2 hour after they didn't show I called their office and was told they were running behind and would call before they come. 4 hours later I called and nobody answered. Called the cell phone number listed on their site and was told by the owner Lou that he didn't work today because he was having car troubles. When I told him that his office told me that he was working, but running behind he changed the subject and told me he was having a hard time getting good help. I was obviously lied to. He told me they were so booked up that he couldn't reschedule anytime soon. Worst thing was that they didn't even give me the courtesy of a phone call. I went with this company because they offered a good deal. Looks like I got what I paid for.
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