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408 Dix Road
Jefferson City, MO 65109
Phone: (573) 638-3897

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About Us

Magical Smiles Dentist’s goal is to provide beautiful smiles in our local community while providing a comfortable and professional enviornment the entire family will love.

We pride ourselves in making your visit as enjoyable and relaxing as you’ve had at any other dental office before. Please come by and visit our Dentist so they can bring a Small Smile to your face.

Dr. Corbin Marchack D.D.S.
Dr. Joseph Ganz D.D.S.
Dr. Bryan Pope D.D.S.
Dr. Michael Link D.D.S.

Following is a partial list of services that we offer!

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Crowns
  • Root Canal
  • Teeth Extractions


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by Laura R. on 8/4/2014
I have always had really nice straight teeth. Never had anything done to my teeth. I always have loved going to the dentist and when I moved to the Jefferson City area I was sad I couldn't go to my own dentist back home who was super nice and friendly. So I called to set up a cleaning at Magical Smiles and they asked if I wanted 8 or 9am. At first I said 8 but then decided halfway through our conversation that I'd prefer 9 being my day off and the lady told me that wouldn't be a problem. Me always being very punctual I showed up no later than 8:30, which was super early since I live 20 minutes away. They practically yelled at me saying how I was late and rolling their eyes at me the whole time. They said they could fit me in at 9:30 so I had to wait an hour for the mistake the lady on the phone made. Finally when I got into the room the lady who was to clean my teeth very rudely asked if I was ALWAYS late for appointments. She kept telling me how inappropriate that was. When I tried to explain very kindly what happen she just talked over me saying how rude I was for showing up late and how I should bow down to them since they fit me in. Then it was time for the x-rays and I mentioned how nice the equipment was she told me how old it was and if I haven't seen that before then my previous dentist didn't have a clue what he was doing. At this point I'm in tears and not wanting to be there. I even debated about leaving right then and there. After she started cleaning my teeth she told me how I had this dark spot on my front tooth and I must have been hit in the tooth when I was a kid. I told her not that I remember nothing has ever happen to my teeth and she called me a liar and insisted that SOMETHING must have happen. My teeth were bleeding for hours after and extremely sore. I refused to set up another appointment there or use their reference. Now I drive over an hour to Columbia at Plaza Dental and I absolutely adore them! They are always nice and I asked about the spot on my tooth (which I didn't see) and she told me she could not see what that lady was talking about. I didn't want to go to the dentist after Magical I can't wait until my next cleaning at Plaza Dental! DO NOT GO TO MAGICAL SMILES!!!
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