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As a local business owner, I’m proud to serve the people of Central Missouri. You can depend on me to help you plan for life changes or prepare for unexpected eve nts. In addition to offering great rates and excellent coverage, Shelter agents are known for an outstanding level of professional service. Give me a call or stop by and I’ll be glad to help you find the right insurance coverage at the right price.

We offer home, auto, life and business insurance for Columbia, MO and the surrounding communities. Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business!  

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  • Dwelling
  • Renter's
  • Condo

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  • Life
  • Whole
  • Jr Special

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  • Worker's Compensation Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Commerical Auto Insurance

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Mike Messer Agency, LLC - Shelter Insurance

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by Erik Morse on 4/12/2012
Mike Messer is hands down one of the most standup gentlemen I know. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to insurance policies and the implications thereof, but he makes you confident that not only have you found your insurance agent, but you can trust him as a person and friend as well. Look forward to meeting with Mike. You will certainly be glad you made that decision.
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by Barry Roewe on 4/6/2012
Great guy, honest, hardworking and great customer service...are all things that I think of when talking about Mike. I dont do alot of these reviews but I felt like he deserved one because he really is a awesome agent. Not only is he one of the best at his job is very involved in our community and that is important to me. I would (and do) HIGHLY recommend him to anyone.
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by Michael Trammell on 4/5/2012
Mike Messer and his staff have helped me purchase all of my insurance and each time we speak, it has been clear that their focus is on my needs. There may have been more expensive policies they could have presented to me, but they were clearly more interested in what they should be selling me based on what fit my situation. Taking the time to go through each option and giving examples of how it would affect my coverage as a whole made all the difference. I would definitely recommend that kind of service to anyone!
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by Jessie Yankee on 4/5/2012
Mike Messer insures everything for us... our businesses, our home, our cars, our lives. He is one of the nicest guys ever and I recommend him to everyone I know! I love having the reassurance that if anything goes wrong, Mike will be there to help. Thanks for all you do!
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by Kristen Hanson on 4/5/2012
Mike and his staff manage our policies so that we don't have to keep track or worry about them. We always have our up to date cards and payment is easy with Shelter's automatic debit right from our checking account. We've had claims before and there were no hiccups. They went smooth everytime thanks to Mike and his team! I highly recommend them!!
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