Multi Builders Inc

6750 E Mexico Gravel Rd
Columbia, MO 65202
Phone: (573) 474-8429


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by Tony Adams on 1/26/2012
Troy and crew poured a concrete slab for a 50x72 mechanic shop. I have several cracks in my floor, due to too much water being added to the mix. We believe thats what caused it, as we put rebar 1' on center and took all other precautions. The floor full of highs and low spots (water puddles badly). He promised to return to help fix all the problems but never showed. He also agreed to backfill the footing, and never finished that either. I paid Troy in good faith, and he didnt complete his end of the obligations. Several calls and text messages never returned. Beware of Multi builders and Troy Nichols . Upon request they could never produce insurance either!!! I thought Troy was a good guy, until he was paid and didnt fix problems he created. Several times alcohol was smelled on Troys breathe early in the day, while working. I dont usually leave reviews unless positive, but dont want anyone else to experience the same poor quality work and lack of proffesionalism that i have.
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