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About Us

Nana's pies are individually handcrafted, modeled after the artisian tradition of baking. This means that Nana takes the necessary time to make your pie special.

All of Nana's ingredients are carefully selected from local Mid-Missouri farmers, organic farmers, or markets that sell fair-trade products.

Nana’s Pies are probably not like the pies your grandmother made. (Hey I’m a 21st Century Nana!) I use a variety of whole grain flours in my crusts, such as whole wheat, barley, and oat.  I use fresh from the farmer’s field’s fruits and vegetables. My recipes usually have a little twist on the traditional recipe, and I will try to make sure I let you know what is in your pie and from where the primary ingredients originate.

  • Prepared and presented in a unique pottery plate custom designed for Nana by potter Matt Moyer of Columbia, MO MattMoyerDesign
  • Packed in an eco-friendly pie box with a card describing the name, ingredients and literary reference for your pie
  • Full of wholesome goodies, including real organic butter, raw sugars and cream
  • Not prepared in a kitchen that separates nuts
  • Seasonal availability (but I do freeze some fruits so just ask)
  • Some pies can be made gluten-free
Nana's Catering
Nana also comes to you with her friendly catering service. That's how much Nana's loves her pies and why she will do whatever it takes for you to try her delicious baked goods.

Cosmic Pie
Fresh Missouri apples in a whole-wheat, cornmeal, pecan crust

Southern Bohemian Pie
Farmer’s sweet potatoes mixed with nutmeg, butter and eggs in a pecan crust

Ichabod’s Favorite Pie
Fresh roasted pumpkin, sugar and spices, nestled in a toasted pecan and maple crust

Pooh’s Honey Pie
Single coconut crust with an oatmeal, honey, pecan, chocolate chip filling

Love Pie
Dutch process and dark chocolate blended with cream in an oat and expresso crust

Shire Breakfast Pie
Whole wheat, barley and maple sugar crust filled with rolled oats, maple syrup and walnuts

The Abbey’s Pecan Pie
Missouri pecans mixed with butter and sugars in a single crust

McGregor’s Garden Pie
Fall butternut squash with lots of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg in a single shell crust

Holiday Special: November 20-December 31 Only

Old Fezziwig’s Tart
Fresh cranberries and toasted peans in a buttery cocoa crust

Night Before Pie
Cranberries, apples and currants in a spiced whole-wheat cornmeal crust

Scholars Pie
Golden raisins cooked in port in a sugary crust


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