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"Keeping Your Grass Greener Since 1989" 

Oasis Landscape & Irrigation, in Columbia, MO., is an established landscaping contractor serving Columbia, Ashland, Jefferson City, Fulton and the surrounding communities. Since 1989, we have been providing landscaping services that enhance the appearance and functionality of our clients’ properties. We love our work and have earned a reputation for going out of our way to satisfy our clients, from selecting premium plants and shrubs to installing highly efficient sprinkler systems.

We specialize in both Commercial and Residential properties!  

Landscaping Services: 

*  Landscape & Design
*  Flower, Shrub, Tree Planting Services
*  Mulch Delivery & Spreading
*  Retaining Walls & Hardscapes
*  Paver Patio Construction
*  Water Features 

Lawn Care Services:

*  Lawn Care & Maintenance
*  Lawn Mowing Services
*  Sod & Seeding
*  Fertilization
*  Leaf Removal & Yard Cleanup
*  Tree Trimming & Pruning
*  Stump & Tree Removal Services

Irrigation Services:

*  Sprinkler Installation, Repair, & Maintenance
*  Full Service Irrigation Installation, Repair & Maintenance
Backed by a 5 Year Oasis Labor Warranty as well as an 8 Year Rain Bird product warranty!

Snow Removal Services:

*  Residential Snow Removal 
*  Commercial Snow Removal 

We look forward to working with you soon!

(573) 446-0858


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by Joshua Kayser on 2/10/2015
I contacted Oasis in October of 2014 as I really wanted a one stop shop for most of my lawn care needs. I needed someone to mow, handle my leaves, open and close my sprinkler, as well as complete some landscaping projects I needed done over time. Keith, the owner, came out in early November to discuss my needs and wants. He closed my sprinkler that day, we talked about my landscape projects. When he left he said he would call me in January to get me on the schedule for the landscape projects and directed me to contact their office to schedule some guys to come out and pick up my fallen leaves. Leaf removal was per guy by the hour. They both dollied around for almost 5 hours. I've done the whole yard in 6 hours by myself. Albeit, i paid the overpriced bill. January came and went. No word from Keith. I called in early February and he came out to discuss my project. He asked that I take pictures of the landscape and email to him. I did the very next day yet I never heard back. I referred a friend that needed a retaining wall at the same time. Fast forward over a week and neither of us have heard a peep from Keith. I emailed Mollie at the office and she said he would call me. Nothing. I decided to email Keith and Mollie this time cordially expressing my frustration in the lack of communication. This is her response: "Keith wanted me to respond to your email as he is sick and hasn't been in the office much. He thinks it's probably best if you find another contractor for your job because he doesn't think we can meet your expectations at this time. We already have multiple jobs on the calendar that carried over from 2014, so it's likely that we can't get to your job until springtime. Thank you very much for referring your friend. I will be contacting them with an update as well." Now that Keith spent the last 4 months wasting my time I likely have to wait until spring as all of the good landscapers are booked. Do yourself a favor and move on. Oasis is just another shotty poorly ran landscape company.
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by Danielle Squires on 3/18/2013 (last edited on 3/18/2013)
We've used Keith @ Oasis for years to help us maintain our inground sprinkler system. He's down to earth, priced well, and is always professional and consdierate of what I've got going on and times I can meet him. He's never let us down and we will continue to use Oasis for years to come!
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