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Small studio, big results!

Affordable, Fun, Group Pilates Classes and Private Pilates Sessions with a Personal Touch!

“Get Started” on the reformer for just $99 with 2 private sessions and 2 group classes. (A $170 value!) Your 1st mat class is just $5! Walk-ins welcome but space is limited to 7. Call to reserve your space!

If you can see it, you can be it! Located in the North Village Arts District of beautiful downtown Columbia, Open Studio Pilates is passionate about helping you create the person you want to be—strong, flexible, at the pinnacle of health.

Joseph Pilates created his unique method of exercise for everyone to enjoy. At Open Studio Pilates, we honor these beliefs—creating an inviting, unique space focusing on affordable group equipment classes, mat classes and one-on-one private pilates sessions with a personal touch.

The studio features state-of-the-art equipment from Balanced Body and boasts plenty of free parking! Class size is limited to 5 participants using reformer and tower and 7 participants using the mat, to ensure proper, personal instruction.

All classes are taught by owner and certified pilates Instructor, Laura Detert.

Experience the Open Studio Pilates difference:

  • Regularly scheduled group classes featuring: reformer, tower, mat and arc.
  • Classes offered at the times you need them: mornings, noon, after work, etc.
  • Private clients enjoy the benefit of programs designed specifically to meet their individual needs. Plus, unlike larger studios, Open Studio Pilates clients never share studio space with others; thus, the atmosphere is truly private!
  • Private Group Classes allow you and 4 friends to customize a class and a class time.
  • Open Studio Hours allow experienced individuals to design their own work-outs for only $10 per session.
  • Open Studio Hours also allow other pilates Instructors (and their clients) to use the studio for the same, low, fee.


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by Aimee Sapp on 7/26/2013
Open Studio Pilates is wonderful. I knew Pilates was great exercise and would provide the toning I was looking for, but I waited to start because it can appear complicated at first. Laura makes it so easy and so fun. She puts you right at ease. She ensures that you do all the moves correctly to maximize the effectiveness of your workout. I don’t know why I waited. The studio is clean and welcoming; the people are friendly; and most importantly . . . it works. If you are looking to tone your body and build strength in a welcoming environment, stop procrastinating and call Laura at Open Studio Pilates today!
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by Amber Franz on 9/20/2011
After many failed attempts at going to the gym I decided I needed to try something different. After some research and a intro. private session with Laura I found what I was looking for! Several classes later now look forward to pilates. Oh, and it helps that Laura makes it fun!
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by John Smith on 8/8/2011
I had wanted to try pilates and read the article about Laura's new studio. I was a little apprehensive before going but it turned out to be a great experience. After my trial sessions I decided to purchase a package of classes. If you have never tried pilates but are thinking about it you should go here first!!
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by Melissa Lawson on 7/22/2011
Laura is great to work with! I really enjoyed my very first pilates session ever! She takes the time, one-on-one, with her clients so they know the proper techniques. Let me tell you...that work out flew by and was so much fun. I look forward to many more pilate classes with her. I'd highly recommend Laura at Open Studio Pilates!!
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