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Ponce Construction is your premier home remodeler located in Sedalia MO. With over 15 years of experience Ponce Construction can doing any interior or exterior home remodeling in or around Sedalia MO.

This locally owned and operated home remodeling company does their own design.  If you can dream it, Ponce Construction can build it. With three different crews any type of home remodeling is available. Ponce Construction works with both residential and commercial and is bi-lingual.
Ponce Construction is licensed and insured and does the best work in and around Sedalia MO.

Crew leaders and the owner are on the job site daily to direct, coordinate, and participate in the activities of the crew. This guarantees our exceptional quality, keeps our work on schedule, and ensures prompt responses to any questions you may have.

Our goal is to provide you with a superior product at a minimum of inconvenience. Ponce Construction has built our reputation by doing exactly what we say we will do; just ask anyone who has done business with us. We look forward to helping you with your dreams and plans!

To give you the highest quality workmanship, Ponce Construction has an extremely professional crew specializing in:

Roofing Contractor
• Indoor Bars
Siding Contractor
• Decks
• Outdoor Fireplaces, Fire Pits
• Entries, Walkways, and Sitting Walls
• Softscape (i.e. plants, trees)
Guttering Contractor
Barbecue / Entertainment Systems
Painting Contractor


Call Ponce Construction of Sedalia MO when you need your home remodeling done and receive a free bid and design.


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by Pam Monaghan on 5/13/2015
I couldn't submit without giving one star, but doesn't deserve even that. I completely agree with the first review and would like to add that the owner, Juan Carlos Ponce has no integrity, dignity or professionalism. He walked off a job after I had already given him 75% of his fee, because I wouldn't give him any more. He took more time off than he worked within the 60 days he was here and still couldn't give me a completion date. He made huge messes that he didn't clean up. Cut his wood on my tile floor and left all sawdust, and wood pieces. Painted over trim, then broke it trying to take it off. Made me buy more supplies than was necessary, and the list just goes on. I redid all floors to laminate and had over 10 unopened boxes left! At least I can take those back! He was redoing the stairs and took 4 steps off, tried to router plywood, and when it didn't come out the way he hoped, guess that was enough. He left the job without letting me know, not putting steps back on, or at least securing the new ones. He packed up all his tools, plus some of mine. I had to hire someone else and every time they look at something else, they just shake their heads. So do I. Guess we all learn the hard way, sometimes. Not worth your time or consideration...find someone else!
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by harry princeton on 5/9/2015
This construction company is unreliable, unprofessional and sloppy! They take off work more than they work. Two different jobs, in two different locations and both were left undone. Painted walls were with patches showing old area, trim was painted over and not cleaned up. Wall sockets and switches were first textured over, and then painted. no tape was used to protect them. cabinets and door trims were textured over, as well as the wall vents and ceiling fans were ruined! Trash was also left all over, including personal trash, such as drink cups, food packages, etc. They did not finish either job, but walked off, after continuously asking for more money!! I would NOT recommend them for even the smallest job!
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