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3409 N Wyatt Ln.
Columbia, MO 65202
Phone: 573-355-0404 or 573-355-4119

About Us

Greetings Mid-Missouri! We are a professional Carpet Cleaning Company that specializes in Low-Moisture Green Carpet Cleaning. We use only plant-based all natural cleaning products on your Carpets. Never will your children or pets be put at risk with harsh chemicals. Perfect for people or pets with respiratory issues. Our dry times are under 2 hours. There are no hoses or cords running into your home from the outside. Your carpets will be cozily clean and dry in no time with our Low-Moisture System. Contrary to the usual Carpet Cleaners that use the old methods of saturating the carpets with gallons of soapy water we apply a light spray of green cleaning solution and let our Carpet cleaning machine do the heavy work. It scrubs your carpets deeply and removes all dirt and soil leaving the carpets fresh and clean without the use of harsh chemicals and long hours of dry times. Give me a call today for a free estimate. My name is Sam Parker and I am the owner-cleaner of Pro-Green Carpet Cleaning Services. Check out my website at


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