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About Us

Pro Lawn in Columbia, MO was established in 1995. As a full service lawn care company we offer a variety of services including anything from lawn maintenance to landscape design.  We focus on offering our clients the best possible customer service and strive to exceed expectations with every job! As a company we focus on attention to detail and we take pride in caring for your lawn and establishing a relationship with every client.

We are not only licensed and insured but we are the lawn care specialists.  We bring 25 years of experience from the University of Missouri, including the Forestry, Horticulture, Plant Pathology, and Park Recreation and Tourism Departments.  All division managers have Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in these areas of specialty. 

Our pesticide practices will meet or exceed all label, health, and safety codes.

We specialize in:

Lawn renovation
Chemical application Landscape and sprinkler system design and installation
Tree/shrub program
Turf Work
Perimeter pest control
Retaining Walls
Water Features
Lighting Patios and Walkways
Outdoor Rooms
Residential Lawn Care and Maintenance
Commercial Lawn Care and Maintenance
Lawn Care Services
We offer every customer a custom lawn package. We do not believe every lawn is the same, has been treated the same, or will be treated the same. We do have a basic program to fertilize and treat your lawn for a nice green weed-free appearance for those wanting a no hassle lawn. For homeowners wanting that “turn your head for a double-take” look, we offer further services to thicken and prevent any pests from destroying your investment.

At Prolawn and Pest Control we understand the importance of correctly diagnosing problems with your turf and/or trees and fixing the problem the first time. There should never be a reason to attempt multiple chemicals if it is not needed. We would like to use as little chemical as possible to do the job correctly. We are conscious of the environmental impact of misused chemicals and fertilizers.

Landscape Services

We offer a full range of landscaping services. Everything from brick patios, small retaining walls, plantings, trimming, and mulching are all within our scope of services. Nothing is too small.

We also offer mowing in selected areas. If you are interested in any of these, please call. 

Irrigation Services
We can offer anything from new construction installation to landscape drip systems to maintenance on older systems. We like to install Rainbird components due to past performances and quality of product, however we do work on all brands and can get all brands to match your system.

Installation is with our vibratory plow (cuts about an inch slice in the yard) to minimize disturbance and ensure you always maintain a healthy green lawn. Most systems take about 2 short days to complete. We comply with all local regulations and use a local Master Plumber for the backflow installations.

You can also reach Randy on his cell at 573-673-0896



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