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419 E Spring St
Boonville, MO 65233
Phone: 6608826767

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The newest Tattoo Shop in Boonville, Psychobilly Tattoo would like to welcome you!  The new owner Big Ed,  is very excited about opening his own tattoo shop in Boonville, MO.  The new tattoo parlor has the same artist, same location and same quality, but has changed the name and number.  He urges his regular clients to come in and check out the new tattoo shop and WELCOMES new customers to come see his exquisite work!  Big Ed is also the principle tattoo artist and has been doing professional tattoo's for over 20 years.  His expertise and precision allow him to customize any tattoo


  • custom art tattoos
  • freehand tattoos
  • fine line tattoos
  • black, grey and color tattoos

We offer:
  • Cover-ups
  • Portraits 
  • Traditional
  • Japanese
  • Tribal
You name it and we can design it!

 It is always important at Psychobilly Tattoo to ensure quality service and always exceed client expectations!  Our goal is to make certain that each customer is satisfied with the work so we offer a one on one consultation with each individual client to answer any questions at that time.  From the one on one consultation, to the clean and spacious studio, the overall experience at this tattoo shop is guaranteed to be a pleasurable one. 

This studio meets and exceeds the criteria set forth by the city and state health department and takes pride in always being clean and sanitized.  We encourage anyone that is looking for a quality tattoo to stop in and visit us for your custom body art!
Call now to schedule an appointment at 660-882-6767
If you can’t reach me in the shop please feel free to call my cell  at 660-888-1921

Find us on facebook@ BigEd psybillytatts


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by James Doyle on 2/24/2012
I have 7 tattoos from other artist, and I've never seen a tattoo drawn freehand before I met Big Ed. I will never get another flash piece EVER, and have found my new artist. He was so nice and respectfull to me and my young daughter who is 8. He explain what he was doing to her "Mommy" and she loves him now and wants to be a tattoo artist now when she grows up(kids, gotta love em).. Thanks Ed, your the greatest.
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by Tiffany Holley on 2/18/2012
Great prices, great work, and great customer service. Listens to your opinions and wants, and Ed goes above and beyond to be sure you are 100% satisfied!Won't be going anywhere else!
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by Von Zipper on 2/24/2012
I had to check out Big Eds shop, we've been hotrod buddies for over a decade and hes as solid as his old chevy. I love his work and would'nt get my ink anywhere else. Congrats on the shop Brother!!
1 person found this review helpful
by tucker woodard on 2/24/2012
a very pro-oldschool shop to get all of your ink needs, i got two tattoos from big ed and i couldent have asked for any better, he took what was in my mind and took it to ink, simply amazing
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by Jimmie Nolte on 4/28/2013
My wife and I both got tattoos from Big Ed, he did a cover up for my wife and designed one for me. We could not be more happy with the job he done for us. I would recommend psychobilly and Big Ed to anyone. They are very friendly and all around great people.
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